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About is a premium online video hub where you can get your exercise and cooking fix.  Founded by Lorna Borenstein the service aims to provide users with high quality videos from a wide variety of experts.
Subscribers have access to videos covering Cooking, Yoga, and general fitness.  There are tons of topics that get covered giving you access to expert content that will help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals.

How Does it Work?

The idea behind Grokker is to provide truly amazing streaming video content; that means really high quality HD videos, talented instructors, and most importantly helpful tutorials.
Grokker acts as a content provider and curator of video content to help you save time and get directly to what you’re looking for.  All videos on the site have been vetted by a Grokker staff member and have passed their quality guidelines.
Some of their content providers include: James Beard award winners, professional athletes, Royal Marines, and nationally celebrated yoga instructors.  Once you become a subscriber you will have access to the community elements of the network, allowing you to ask the experts questions and follow along with ongoing Q&A sessions.
You can stream the videos on any device such as your desktop computer, phone, tablet or TV, you also have options to print workouts and recipes in case you will be without internet services. Currently Grokker is in beta which means users get access to all the premium content free of charge.  There are plans to charge for premium videos in the future.
You can also apply to become an expert for, this will allow you to grow your personal brand by offering free tutorials in your field of expertise.

Customer Service:

If you need to reach someone at Grokker to discuss any concerns or options you can do so at

Online Reviews/Complaints:

So far the reviews for Grokker have been very positive especially given that it currently is a no cost service.  There have also been many media publications and popular blogger that have reviewed the service.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There is an overwhelming amount of free and paid video tutorials available online, and this is actually why Grokker was created - to save you time by creating a centralized hub for the best video content.  Other providers of exercise video tutorials include BodeeFit, JassaFit, and MovNat.
If you have checked out any of the video content at please leave your reviews below.
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