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The GrubMarket app allows people to order farm-fresh food and natural products that are delivered right to their door across the U.S. The prices are up to 50% less than grocery stores. 
The company's mission is to make it easy for food producers of any scale and buyers to connect and share food by supplying fresh, locally-sourced, and healthy food.

How it Works:

Once you are on the website, you can enter your zip code and shop for the products in your area. After an order is processed, GrubMarket employees pick up the goods from the local producers and deliver the food right to your door. The food never touches a warehouse shelf.
GrubMarket allows people to stay healthy in the most affordable way. You will find over 7,000 products ranging from fresh produce (if you are in the Bay Area), snacks, drinks, healthy & beauty, home goods, and more. Customers can browse the online shop by different categories such as meat & fish, vegan, and pantry. 
Fridge products are kept in a soft cooler with ice packs. The cooler and ice packs can be recycled by leaving them out for next day delivery.


The GrubMarket app is free. Customers receive free delivery on orders that are over $49.00.

Customer Service:

You can follow company updates on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints:

GrubMarket has high reviews from most customers. They say there is a great variety of food that is very fresh. It saves people a lot of time from grocery shopping and the prices are very affordable for healthy food. The company received praise for excellent customer service.
Some customers commented that some items were at the end of their life and had to be used quickly. Sometimes the company would miss a few items. But when there were problems, the customer service often resolves the problem quickly and is responsive to complaints.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are many ingredient and meal delivery services on websites, but not as many of these companies allow people to order from an app. Good Eggs is one company that developed an app to deliver fresh food to people's doors. 
Other companies that allow people to order healthy meals from their app include Munchery and Sprig.

Where to Buy?

You can download GrubMarket on the App Store (or Google play ( 
If you have tried GrubMarket's service and food, please leave your review below.
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Maggie Y
San jose, CA
Package came in 2 days late, 2 items missing, no response from customer service

I am a lazy person that I never hated a website so much that I would write a review. But what I have experienced from GrubMarket is just terrible, in the website, it mentioned that my package will be delivered on 3/30, but it ends up arrived on 4/1. What's even worse is that they missed 2 items in the order, I e-mailed the customer services 3 times and called the customer service hotline, it went to the voice mail box directly.
Dont buy from there, they are horrible!!!

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Jackie Louis
San Luis Obispo
Grubmarket gave me non-organic produce to a cancer patient

I was diagnosed with cancer this past year and I depended on using a service that could help with my groceries during this recovery. I found Grubmarket from a Facebook ad, and thought I found the perfect place. After 3 orders I gave up on using them completely. The produce arrived in great condition, besides some bruising on some bananas. However, I did notice stickers on many of my other produce that had "Imported from Mexico" on them, with no indication that they were organic. I was given a refund upon my first call without much trouble, however the customer service rep, John, was extremely condescending about my situation over the phone. The following two occasions I was sent an alternative to one of my snacks that had nuts, which I am highly allergic to. After many failed attempts to reach customer service, I was able to get John who again made the entire ordeal extremely difficult. I will never use Grubmarket again!

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