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About Hexoskin
Hexoskin is a line of professional grade body metric workout clothing.  The gear is designed to provide athletes, coaches and health researchers with accurate data recorded during exercise or sleep.
The information gathered can be used for a variety of purposes such as measuring performance, improving technique and reaching new PRs. Hexoskin has been used by space programs, military organizations, and pro sports teams.

How Does it Work?

The sensors inside the performance shirts attach to the electronic device which is used to record your data.  Hexoskin measures the following metrics:
Heart Rate - The accompanying app lets you see your ECG in real time.
Heart Rate Variability - This metric is used to measure fatigue and the amount of stress put on the body during training.
Breathing Rate - Is an important stat to measure as learning to control it will greatly improve performance. 
Breathing Volume - Will allow you to determine what your lung capacity is based on the activities that you do.
Activity - This will let you know the number of steps you’ve taken, calories expended, and your intensity level.
Sleep - As a sleep tracking device Hexoskin will record your resting heart rate, breathing, and sleep positions.
Post workout you can use the data to compare your performance against other athletes in the Hexoskin network or against your own historical performance. You can share data with third-party apps, software or social media sites.
The device has a battery life of 14+ hours and can record over 150 hours of training.  It connects via Bluetooth to iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.  The clothing itself is machine washable, quick dry, breathable, anti-odour, chlorine resistant, and has UV protection.

Customer Service:

If you have any questions you can submit a query through their website or call them at 888-887-2044.  They have more detailed explanations of the devices capabilities and metrics measured on their website.
If you are not happy with your purchase you may return it within 2 weeks in its original condition for a refund.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

While there are not many customer reviews as of now, the product has been reviewed by many tech and fitness magazines and has exceeded all expectations.  Some have even called it the best wearable tech in it’s class.

Competitors and Alternatives:

Fitness monitors and other wearable gadgets are definitely on the rise as many people are now looking to them for help with sleep and performance.  The market has grown and you now have many options based on your needs and price range.  In the high performance range another wearable option is available from Athos Gear.
If you have used Hexoskin as part of a training, sleep, or research regimen please describe your experience below.
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Josh Tennenbaum
Santa Clara, CA
For those who want high-definition data

Among wearables, the Hexoskin shirt is definitely the one that provides the most high-definition data. It's also the only one that can monitor my breathing precisely when I sleep. Similar monitors can cost thousands of dollars in the professional stores.

Developers and freedom lovers will appreciate that Hexoskin is open data, and has an API you can use for development.

The product meets my expectations.

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