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About Ice Age Meals
Ice Age Meals is the creation of “Paleo Nick” - a chef, paleo dieter, and crossfitter who has made it his mission to share his success with others.  Through his various businesses he helps people make the transition to paleo easy and fun.
As a corollary to the Ice Age meal delivery service he also runs a recipe blog that reveals how you can make the exact same foods that he preparers commercially and also offers a full blown meal plan subscription service.

Products and Ingredients:

Ice Age Meals follows the guiding principals of the paleo diet so you can rest assured that you’re getting the highest quality products and no junk ingredients.
The meals are made fresh in small batches then frozen.  All meals start with whole cuts of meat and fresh veggies.  They take no shortcuts and use good cuts of meat and ensure that they are marinated and spiced to perfection.
Not all of their ingredients are organic but they state that they do not use any genetically modified items in their meals.  You can get detailed nutritional info on all the meals through their website along with complete ingredient lists.
All in all Ice Age Meals are free of:
  • Gluten
  • Dairy
  • Preservatives
The meals macros are based on the Zone diet and roughly breakdown to 500 calories per meal with 40% carbs, 30% protein, 30% fat and weighing between 16 and 18 ounces each.
The advantage of shipping frozen is that it gives you options in how you incorporate the meals.  For instance if you freeze them immediately upon delivery they will last 3 months in your freezer or 6-12 months in a deep freezer.
The only downside of these types of pre-made meals is that you can not have them tailored to your personal preferences.  They use set recipes and prepare the meals in batches; so if you have an allergy to anything check the ingredients before ordering.

Cost and Price Plans:

Meals are shipped in packages of 14, 24, or 48.  The larger minimum order guarantees that the company can offer free shipping on all orders.  It also helps them properly pack the shipments to ensure no thawing.
The costs breakdown to the following:
14 meals for $174.99 or $12.49 per meal
24 meals for $279.99 or $11.66 per meal
48 meals for $534.99 or $11.14 per meal
So as you can see there is a built in savings that rewards you for the more you order.  You can also contact them for custom orders over 48 meals.

Customer Service:

For questions or concerns you can reach someone at their phone number (844) 423-2431 or email at  While they do not offer refunds on their meals, if there is any damage to your meals or any other order issues contact the company and they will make it right.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

Ice Age Meals are very popular with crossfit athletes and have received great reviews for both their taste and convenience.  Some people reported having issues with the containers claiming that the seals were broken.
And as always when it comes to food products people have a wide range of tastes and complaints can vary for the same meal being under or over spiced depending on the personal preference of the individual.

Competitors and Alternatives:

Where to Buy?

You can order straight from their website at
If you have had a chance to try any of their products please leave a review below and share your thoughts on taste, packaging, or customer service.
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