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Jackson's Honest Potato Chips
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About Jackson's Honest Potato Chips

Jackson's Honest Potato Chips was created out of a family's desire to provide healthy potato chips with quality ingredients to their children. The potato chip industry is dominated by unhealthy options and even at the natural and healthier food stores, potato chips were fried in the less healthy vegetable oil or oil blends. The production of Jackson Honest Potato Chips follows their tagline, "From the field, the farmer, and the fryer . . . to you."

Products and Ingredients:

Jackson's Honest Potato Chips are cooked in coconut oil, a far healthier fat to fry than vegetable oil. Coconut oil has a type of good saturated fat called "medium chain triglycerides" (MCTs), which can be easily digested and have also helped people with weight loss weight loss. The owners ensure that the entire production process is good for the consumer, farmers, environment, supplies and employees. Their chips are also USDA Organic and Non-GMO verified. The potatoes are sourced from small-scale family farmers who never use GMOs and use organic or biodynamic methods, which means they create a diversified and balanced farm ecosystem and seeks triple bottom line approaches (ecological, social and economic sustainability).

Cost and Price Plans:

The company provides several flavors and also sell T-shirts at the following prices: Tortilla Chips - Organic Blue Corn Real Salt 10 oz 6 Bag Case: $35.94 9-bag: $53.91 Tortilla Chips - Organic Salsalito 10 oz 6-bag case: $35.94 9-bag case: $53.91 Tortilla Chips - Organic Yellow Corn Real Salt 10 oz 6-bag case: $35.94 9-bag case: $53.91 Purple Heirloom Potato Chips 5 oz 6-bag case: $29.94 9-bag case: $59.98 Sea Salt Potato Chips 5 oz 6-bag case: $29.94 9-bag case: $59.98 Organic Sweet Potato Chips 5 oz 6 bags: $29.94 12 bags: $59.88 Salt + Vinegar Potato Chips 5 oz 6 bags: $29.94 12 bags: $59.88 Mango Chili Lime Potato Chips 5 oz 6 bags: $29.94 12 bags: $59.88 Jackson's Honest Chip T-shirts: $15.00

Customer Service:

You can contact the company through their website form and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints:

Customers consistently rave about the flavor of the chips and greatly appreciate that they are consuming a healthy snack that is cooked in coconut oil as opposed to vegetable oils.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There is no other manufacturer that fries potato chips in coconut oil. The closest competitor is Kettle Brand's Baked Potato Chips. Other food companies like Pop Chips and The Mediterranean Snack Food company only have one flavor of healthier chip products. However, Late July Organics does provide organic Non-GMO Gluten Free chips.

Where to buy?

You can buy their chips in selected store locations that you can see on their website or order them online. If you've tried Jackson's Honest Potato Chips, please leave your reviews below.

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Best Potato Chips I've Ever Had

I've had the potato chips that were fried in coconut oil...GAME CHANGER. The flavor is SO rich, and so delicious. They're a little spendy, so I get them as a treat, but then I finish the whole bag in one sitting. SO SO SO good. Ugh.

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Dave Pritz

Tried them when they arrived. Horrible product! Was laden with moisture and 3 of the 6 bags were to be out of date within days.Would never recommend regardless of their personal story.

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