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About Kahveology
Kahveology is a coffee company out of Portland, Oregon that aims to supply high quality coffee to athletes and adventurers.  As workout and outdoor enthusiasts they believe that caffeine is one of the best legal performance enhancers available and provides superior health benefits.
The company supports the idea of “Paleo Coffee,” that is based in drinking coffee that is free of mycotoxins and adding MCTs - Medium Chain Triglycerides to your coffee for optimal health and performance results.

The Coffee:

Kahveology beans are always sourced from single estate farms, are grown at high altitudes, and are Utz Kapeh certified.  They follow strict guidelines for the picking and sorting of their beans and ensure the most careful shipping procedures.
The coffee is roasted a day after you place your order to maintain the freshest quality.  They also recommended that you drink your coffee within 2 weeks of receiving it.
You also have the option of signing up to their subscription list to receive automated shipments of coffee.

The Roasts:

Currently they have 5 roasts…
Rise and Grind -  A Brazilian light roast that has a smooth, light and slightly sweet taste.  $13.95 per 12 oz bag.
Man Yoga - A high grown Nicaraguan coffee that has orange-like acidity with jasmine tea, honey sweetness and a nutty finish. $17.95 per 12 oz bag.
Low Gravity - Brazilian with deep smooth flavor and hints of caramel.  $15.00 per 12 oz bag.
Crux - A Guatemalan coffee with hints of dark plum and brown sugar. $17.95 per 12 oz bag.
Type II Fun - An aromatic Italian dark roast from a single family estate in Brazil.  $13.95 per 12 oz bag.

Customer Service:

If you have any questions you can contact them through their website or send an email to kahveology@gmail.com.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

At this time there are not that many online customer reviews but as Kahveology grows its brand and partnerships with crossfit gyms more will become available.  The reviews that are out there are very favorable with people thoroughly enjoying the coffees.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are lots of sources of high end coffee and you can do your own research to find a supplier that fits your needs.  Other makers of Paleo coffee include Coffee Blocks and Caveman Coffee.
If you have tried Kahveology spread the word and leave your review below.
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