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About Lava Lake Lamb
Lava Lake Lamb is a family ranch outside of Sun Valley, Idaho where they’ve been raising premium grass-fed lamb for years.  The ranch boasts pasture grounds of nearly one million acres allowing their animals to forage in natural conditions.
The access to a diverse, clean, and isolated grazing landscape results in healthy animals raised free of hormones, antibiotics, herbicides, and insecticides.  The final product is great tasting and nutritious meat.

Why Grass-Fed Matters?

More and more research is showing the benefits of grass-fed meats.  Not only are you avoiding the harmful side effects associated with factory farm feedlots, but you are also getting a better cut of meat.
Grass-fed animal meat has been shown to be higher in Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E and beta-carotene, and leaner than conventionally raised meat.  Lava Lake Lamb are 100% grass-fed free-range lamb feeding on fields of wild grasses, herbs, and alfalfa.


They offer a wide variety of individual cuts and special packages.  Cuts include: Chops, Boneless Leg of Lamb, Rack of Lamb, Shanks, Stew, Ground Lamb, Shoulder, Denver Lamb Ribs, Sirloin, Petite Chuck Roast, and Gourmet Lamb Sausages.
You may want to consider purchasing a packaged order as you will save on the price per pound. Featured packages include: Paleo Slow Food, Grass-fed, Half Lamb, Whole Lamb, and more.  They also have a line of Lava Lake Pet Treats.
Because Lava Lake Lamb ranch does not grain finish their animals are raised and harvested seasonally.  This is why the meat is shipped vacuum sealed and flash frozen.  The animals are processed at peak maturity at 6-9 months of age.
While the animals are pasture raised and grass-fed on wild land at this time they are not all certified organic. According to Lava Lake, their grazing grounds are enormous and currently 60,000 acres are certified organic.

Customer Service:

The company guarantees that orders will be shipped correctly and in good condition, if not they will refund your money or send replacement product at no additional cost.  A representative can be reached by email at or phone at 1 (888) 528-5253.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

Lava Lake has many great reviews online and their products are featured in many Paleo Bloggers’ recipes.  They also have lots of great testimonials on their website from satisfied customers.

Competitors and Alternatives:

As grass-fed becomes more of a consumer buzz-word more and more providers are focusing on catering to this high end market.  Other providers of grass-fed meats include, US Wellness Meats, TX Bar Organics, and Slanker.
When you are buying high quality meat, especially online price will always be a factor.  If you are trying to save money/reduce your environmental impact you may want to consider buying locally.

Where to Buy:

Lava Lake Lamb is sold online and featured in many retail stores and restaurants throughout the country, especially in the North West.  Check their website for a location near you.
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