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About Lithic Nutrition
Lithic Nutrition was created by the Baugh brothers out of a passion for nutrition and a goal to innovate cricket-based products. Sustainability is an important aspect of the business and the production process is designed to minimize the impact on the environment and support domestic businesses.

Products and Ingredients:

Crickets produce a nutrient-rich all natural protein with over 2.2 times more iron per gram than spinach, about 10% more calcium per gram than milk, high HDL (good) cholesterol, and Omega 3 Fatty acids. The human body has processed insect protein for thousands of years and is incredibly efficient at breaking it down and using it to its maximum potential.
Lithic Nutrition products are all natural, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and lactose-free. The product claims are supported by chemical engineers, entomophagy researchers, food scientists, and those with degrees in biology to support the product claims in addition to scientifically backed evidence.
The company operates the business in a way that consciously minimizes negative environmental impact. Cricket farming uses exponentially less space than traditional farming that contributes to causes deforestation and high water usage. The company also partners with domestic businesses for packaging, ingredients, shipping solutions, and manufacturing space whenever possible to not only reduce their carbon footprint but to drive domestic growth in local communities. 
Lithic Nutrition partners with Coalo Valley Farms, a sustainable and local cricket farming operation run by an enthusiastic, environmentally-conscious, and ethically responsible team. Coalo operates under FDA standards and because they raise their own crickets, they can control the processes such as their crickets’ diet, harvesting, and packaging. 
Lithic Nutrition sells the following products: Cricket ComplexTM protein powder, 100% Pure Cricket Powder, and Lithic Bars. 
Cricket ComplexTM is the ideal protein powder formula to meet athletes’ demands to recover and generate muscle after resistance exercise. The protein powder blends pure cricket powder and whey protein isolate strengthened with branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). 
The product has 23 g of protein per serving and available in Dutch Chocolate flavor. The ingredients have a trace amount of lactose making it Paleo-diet friendly. It is naturally packed with micronutrients like calcium, iron, B-vitamins, and Omega Fatty Acids for superior nutrition.
100% Pure Cricket Powder can be added to a variety of food mixes to give a Paleo-pure boost of natural protein. You can also add it to your favorite protein shake or smoothie to mix the types of protein you are feeding your muscles. 
To make the powder, the crickets are humanely frozen, roasted, and milled into a fine powder. The 1lb Standard Blend is slightly coarser than the superfine powder, making it ideal for solid food cooking. The 1lb Premium Superfine Blend is reduced to about 50 microns in size, making it more ideal for liquids and beverages. This blend is used in the Cricket ComplexTM. 
All of the Lithic Bars are hand-made in the peanut-free facility with local and natural ingredients that you can pronounce. All of the bars are between 17% and 18% crickets and come in Banana Bread, Blueberry Vanilla, and Dark Chocolate Brownie flavors.


Cricket ComplexTM: $49.99
Lithic Bars and variety boxes of 5 or 12: $14.99 to $35.99

Customer Service:

Contact Lithic Nutrition at and follow company updates on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

There are currently only reviews on the company site and all but one product is rated at a100% customer satisfaction. The 100% Pure Cricket Powder has one out of five stars from a customer.

Competitors and Alternatives:

Other companies that sell cricket-based products include CRIK Nutrition, Cricket Flours, Exo, Chapul, and Entomo Farms.

Where to Buy?

You can order Lithic Nutrition products on the company site (
If you have tried Lithic Nutrition products, please leave your review below. 
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Lori L. Christensen
Denver, CO
Great tasting!

I was cautious when trying the bars . . . to my delight they are delicious! Better than most protein bars on the market. Since this company is born in the Denver area, I also want to keep my money local and support our locals!! Love the product and the company!

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