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LonoLife Bone Broth K-Cups
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About LonoLife Bone Broth K-Cups
LonoLife Bone Broth K-Cups are the new and easy way to enjoy Bone Broth.  This healthy and nutritious food is experiencing a major comeback with the Paleo and other health communities’ full embrace.
Bone Broth has been a staple in traditional diets for hundreds of years and has been thought to provide many healing benefits.  These days there are many companies offering their own convenient version of the product and there are now many Cafes opening up that serve only Broths.

Products and Ingredients:

LonoLife has simplified the way you can consume Broth by making it available for single serve quick brew machines.
Their Bone Broth is Paleo and contains no gluten, added sugars, GMOs or MSG.  The Paleo K-Cup® broths have earned awards at several food shows in the US, and are now on the shelves of over 1,900 supermarkets nationwide.
Currently they offer three flavors:
Hearty Beef - made from roasted beef bones, fresh vegetables, and fine herbs. Contains 49 calories and 10gr of protein per package.
Chicken Sage - All natural chicken broth flavored with chicory root, thyme and sage. Contains 40 calories and 8gr of protein per package.
Thai Curry Beef - Beef broth flavored with coconut, ginger, peppers and lemongrass. Contains 50 calories and 10gr of protein per package.
LonoLife produces a low calorie high protein beverage that can be consumed easily for a hearty snack any time of day.
They also claim to use 100% recyclable K-cups to minimize their impact on the environment.


A 10 pack of any flavor costs $19.99
A 20 pack of any flavor costs $39.99
That comes out to less than $2.00 per K-Cup®.  If you order online you can get a 10% discount by joining their newsletter.

Customer Service:

If you have any questions you can reach someone from LonoLife through their website contact form or by phone at 855-849-5666.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

There are many positive reviews for LonoLife Bone Broth with customers enjoying the flavors and health benefits of the drinks.  People have found creative ways of enjoying the product by adding it into certain meals or enjoying it straight.  The company has been highlighted in many health magazines and was featured on the Paleo Foundation website.
On the negative end some consumers did not like that the product is high in sodium and not made from grass-fed animals.  There were also a few online reports of people having issues with the brewing process.

Competitors and Alternatives:

While there are a plethora of options for buying pre-made bone broth LonoLife is the first to make a Keurig compatible option.  Other broth makers include:  Kettle and Fire, Bare Bones, and Ancient Nutrition.

Where to Buy?

You can purchase LonoLife Bone Broth directly from their website or from one of their brick and mortar retailers.
If you have tried any of their flavors please leave your reviews below.
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