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About Luna Sandals
Luna Sandals are a line of minimalist footwear that strive to create the most natural connection between people’s feet and the planet.  They are multipurpose shoes that can be used for everything from casual walking to marathon running.
Based out of Seattle, Washington the company has grown to be one of the leaders in this unique niche and their products are highly regarded worldwide.

Products and Options:

Based on the design of the traditional Huarache sandals Lunas combine historic ideas with modern materials.  Lunas are designed to be completely customizable and you can pick out a pair based on your needs and activities.
Their collection features Lunas, Trail Lunas, and Premiums.  Below is a breakdown of some of their most popular models.
Luna Mono - is the most versatile option and is designed to be a do-everything sandal.  It is made from a lightweight 12mm Vibram sole that will mold to your foot overtime.
Customers have the option of Pittards goat leather footbed for comfort, looks, and moisture absorption or the non slip MGT footbed which features a rubberized top with good traction and durability and recommended for wet/moist conditions.
Luna Venado - is the lightest offering at 7mm and is good for road running and casual wear.  Comes with same footbed options and ATS (All Terrain Strapping) laces.
Luna Oso - are the most rugged and least moldable of the bunch.  They have an 11mm sole designed to handle rocky terrain and long mileage outings.  It features the MGT footbed and Luna Tech Straps.
Dark Chocolate Mono - Are an example of what the premium line of Lunas has to offer.  They are crafted from American Bison that is soft to the touch and offers the most luxurious feel.  The laces are made from the same material offering the most comfortable option, no two pairs are alike and are tailored for casual/dress wear.

Customer Service:

All Luna sandals come with a 30 day return/exchange policy allowing you ample time to determine if you’ve selected the right pair.  They offer lots of helpful advice and sizing charts on the website to help you with your decisions.  If you have any questions you can reach someone at or by phone at 855-586-2726.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

The reviews for Luna Sandals are amazing with many customers and adventure gear bloggers raving about how much they love their shoes. From casual walking to long runs people have great things to say about this minimalist shoe.  A few customers noted that when it comes to lateral movement there was not as much support as they would have liked but overall the sandalls performed exceptionally.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are many options when it comes to minimalist shoes from the Vibrams that started it all to offerings from the major shoe companies. Some other handmade sandals are available from Earth Runners and Soft Star Shoes.

Where to Buy?

Lunas are sold in retail stores worldwide and can also be purchased online from amazon or directly from their website.  Check out the store finder on their website for a location near you.
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