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About Meal Sharing
Those who want to experience new cultures and cuisines should have a look at The website allows people to connect all over the world over home made meals.
People can choose to either host and event or attend one as a guest.  The site acts like a social networking platforms with both parties having to create profiles and having the ability to review each other.
The goal behind the site and the concept of Meal Sharing is to connect different people allowing them to bond over the most common activity, eating.  It’s great for travelers looking to experience local cultures or anyone who simply wants to liven up a dinner party by inviting friendly strangers.

How Does it Work?

Hosts can create a meal with a set date or leave it open waiting for guests to request a time.  You are encouraged to make whatever you like and the meal can be an extravagant or low key affair.  You also have the option of setting a price for your meal, you can have free events or charge a fair price based on what you are serving.
Payments are accepted and made through so there is no money exchanged on the day of the event.  Guests will have to provide credit card information even if they are attending a free event as part of a verification process.

Is it Safe?

The company makes an effort to make the experience as safe as possible.  Users have the opportunity to review peoples’ profiles and check for safety factors like phone verification, reviews, photos, facebook connectivity, or flags on the account.
As always you should use your best judgement and common sense for a safe experience on both ends.

Customer Service:

If you have any questions you can contact someone at or for more general issues at

Online Reviews/Complaints:

This concept has been embraced by people all over the world and the site has been featured in many popular publications.  They also have a large following on social media with many facebook likes and twitter followers.

Competitors and Alternatives:

The Sharing economy is growing with all sorts of new possibilities, these days you can do everything from ride sharing with Lyft to renting local bicycles with Spinlister.  Other meal sharing sites include Feastly and EatWith.
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