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The goal of 3-2-1 Keto Meal Plans from is straightforward: to make following a healthy diet easier for their customers through their Paleo Quick 30. While the benefits of getting your body into fat-burning mode are well supported by research, many people are overwhelmed by the challenge of re-thinking their diet so drastically.
Grains are currently placed at the base of the food pyramid; we build our meals around carbohydrates and feel like something is missing without carbs in virtually every meal. Meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking can all seem like uncharted territory to someone who is trying to make the switch.
The Meal Plan Club offers their 3-2-1 Keto Meal Plan to simplify the ketogenic diet so you can spend your time enjoying your new-found health and energy instead of in the kitchen or grocery store.

How Does It Work?

The Meal Plan Club is not a food delivery service; there are no pre-portioned packages or pre-prepared meals and you retain control of your own grocery shopping and cooking. Instead, each week you receive a meal plan with recipes for 14 ketogenic meals per week, plus optional breakfast recipes. Every week the recipes involve less than 30 total ingredients to make your shopping easier and more cost-effective.
Each day’s recipes include less than 20g of net carbs to keep your body in fat-burning ketosis and come with a complete nutritional breakdown for each meal. All the recipes which come with your meal plan are dairy free, gluten free, grain free, legume free, and paleo! Your meal plan is emailed to you and you can also access it at any time by logging into your Meal Plan Club Member’s Area from any device and downloading or printing it out.

Products and Price Plans:

There are three different options for Meal Plan Club membership. All options include 56+ ketogenic meals per month with fewer than 30 ingredients per week and less than 20g of net carbs per day. Complete recipes, shopping lists, and nutrition information are all included.
No matter which membership option you chose, you’ll receive a bonus gift of the Keto Fat Bombs cookbook, written by Meal Plan Club founder Louise Hendon, full of recipes for snacks and desserts that won’t disrupt ketosis. Annual members receive an additional gift of the Keto Breakfast Cookbook ebook for immediate download.
A monthly membership is currently priced at $19 per month, with easy cancellation any time you choose to end your membership. The quarterly membership is priced at $38 for 3 months, saving you 33% when compared to a monthly membership, while an annual membership at $114 for the year saves you 50%.
The Meal Plan Club also offers similarly priced Paleo Whole 30 or AIP Quick 30 meal plans, which may better suit the needs of some customers.

Customer Service:

The Meal Plan Club offers a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee. If you are displeased with your product, or have any questions or feedback, you can contact the Meal Plan Club by email at or use the online form at

Online Reviews/Complaints:

At this stage doesn’t seem to have much of an established presence online outside of their own website, which doesn’t include reviews or responses from customers.

Competitors and Alternatives:

Online research will yield a range of different keto diet plans, some free, some paid, some consisting of rough guidelines, some more extensive. Many of these will be in the form of a weekly meal plan or 2 week meal plan with the expectation that you will simply repeat as needed.
For instance, the Keto Diet App provides a 14 day ketogenic diet plan, while Keto Summit outlines a 7 day meal plan. Many of these are useful resources for upping your own meal planning and grocery shopping game, but a more comprehensive plan like the 321 Keto meal plan might be needed if you are looking to have all the hard work done for you.  Another option to consider is the yearley service from Real Plans.

Where to Buy?

You can become a member of the Meal Plan Club and choose your subscription to the 321 Keto meal plan at
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Tim Roberson
Wytheville, Virginia
Lied to me

These people sent me 25 meal plans out of 52, I sent a email and wanted to know where my other meal plans were, they sent me 5 more and now nothing at all! I received 30 meal plans and then they stopped, 52 I was suppose to get but didn't! I believe it was a partial scam anyway!

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Everything it purports to be

We have found the AIP meal plans fantastic.

Easy to follow tasty recipes, not too many ingredients and little to no wastage as same ingredients used in several recipes. Any issue I have(which have not been many), they respond quickly by email. And if you think your kids won't eat these foods, you are wrong. They love it! We swap the lunches around with dinners sometimes if they pack better and taste ok cold.

The only thing I wish they had is even more nutritional information on micronutrients but they are still well ahead of others in what nutritional info they give already, which I am grateful for.

Keep up the good work Louise and Jeremy.

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Cannot cancel membership

This is a group of people based in California (or so they say) who claim you can cancel your membership at any time by just sending them a message through their contact form.

First of all, in this day and age, you're telling me you can't just put a "cancel membership" button on your website? Why are you being difficult? Probably so they can keep charging my credit card every month.

Second, I can't even access my account with them. Every time I attempt to do so, it just sends me to, which is weird because I don't have a Wordpress membership. I have a Meal Plan Club membership.

Third, there is a phone number listed on my credit card statement under "Meal Plan Club", which just goes to a voice message from "Jeremy Hendon" (supposedly Louise's husband, but I'm starting to doubt these people actually exist) telling you that if you need help to, you guessed it, email them.

Fourth, there is no way to go into my account to delete my credit card information because, again, I get sent to Wordpress, as though the Meal Plan Club site is owned by me and not this group of LA-based scammers.

I have contacted these people several times over the course of the past month and have received NO response from them. Yes, I've checked my SPAM folder. There is nothing there either.

Don't be stupid like me. Never sign up for a Meal Plan Club membership.

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May 25, 2019

The same is happening for me
I’m unable to cancel my membership within reasonable means... and didn’t know I even HAD a continuous membership.
My bad, but I’ve never used even ONE of their meal plans..
And quite frankly, after this awful experience, I’ve never again ordered anything off the internet again.

Mad Lupus Patient
June 22, 2019

I paid for a year subscription in advance & they have stopped sending me the meal plans. All of the pages for meal plan club are now not found (error 404). I did use the recipes for 3 weeks, and they were good. I just want the rest of the 49 weeks. My gut tells me this is a scam & I'll never see the recipes or my money back.

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