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About MOMables
MOMables is a meal planning service geared towards children’s lunches.  They have collaborated with chefs, nutritionists, and Moms to come up with a perfect combination of tasty and nutritious meals.
The meal plans are designed to save parents the time that it takes to come up with new lunch ideas. The plans simplify this process and help you plan entire weeks worth of meals saving you cooking and shopping time.
Many parents know that they want to feed their kids healthier meals but often resort to pre-packaged options out of a misconceived notion of convenience.  With MOMables you can now get the benefits of home cooked meals and the time and money savings.

How Does it Work?

When you subscribe to the service you will receive an email every friday that contains a weekly meal plan and shopping list.  The meals are easy to create and you don’t need to be a great cook or have special kitchen tools.
They also include prep tips to ensure you are cooking efficiently and have pictures of the final products.  The meals are also easily customizable so that you can adjust based on your family's size. There are also options to swap ingredients due to allergies or food preferences.
You have the options of choosing the classic or grain free plan.  The grain free plan is very close to being fully Paleo as it does include limited legumes.  But it is grain, gluten, corn, and soy free.
Both plans follow the same pricing structure allowing you to pay either $24 every 3 months ($8 per month) or $79 per year ($6.58 per month).

Customer Service:

MOMables is set up to auto renew your account every three months or annually.  If you no longer wish to be a member you have to cancel your subscription before those renewal dates as there are no refunds or late cancellations.
If you have any question or need assistance you can reach someone at

Online Reviews/Complaints:

There are lots of great reviews for this service from mommy bloggers and customers alike.  Parents are very satisfied with the variety of lunch ideas and the relief from constantly having to plan their kids’ lunches on their own.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are many Paleo meal plan services available, what makes MOMables stand out is the focus specifically on children’s lunches.  Other services providing meal plans include: Real Plans, Paleo Plan, and Paleo Leap.
If you are a current subscriber or have used MOMables in the past please leave your reviews below.
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Elisa Hill
San Francisco, CA
Love it. Adds variety to our grain free meals

Eating a grain free diet (nearly paleo) can get really boring quick! I used to make paleo meals for my husband and I but my kids would not eat them so they are a different meal all together. From time to time, I'd get tired of making multiple meals so we'd fall off the wagon. My health would suffer and I'd be at square one. Plus, what does one make for school lunches and office lunches that isn't a sandwich!? Salads get old quick. That's when I found MOMables and they Haley me add new meals to our lunch and dinner rotation. Genius! At $8mo I can't beat the influx of ideas. So far, it's been a winner!

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