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About Monkii Bars
Monkii Bars are the creation of the wild gym company out of Boulder, Colorado.  The team of adventure and fitness enthusiasts have come out with a beautifully designed piece of exercise equipment.
The Monkii Bars were created to help people spice up their workouts with a lightweight and portable suspension system.  They encourage you to take your workouts out into the wild or use them as a practical solution for when a gym visit is not possible.
The company had a very successful kickstarter campaign raising over $100,000 and fulfilling all their goals.  They raised enough money to go into production and are set to begin shipping at the end of summer 2014.

The Bars:

The specs for the bars are just over 7 ½ inches in length, and under 1 pound in weight.  They use Spectra suspension lines which are also used in rock climbing gear.  The line has a breaking point of 463 lbs and can easily handle the average athlete’s weight.  While the line is incredibly sturdy they do plan to offer replacement lines as they expect a potential need after years of use.
With Monkii bars you can do a variety of body weight exercises targeting your upper body, legs, and core.  Setup is quick and they provide clear instructions so you can learn to get going fast anywhere.
Included with every set are: 2 bars, 4 plugs, 2 adjusters, 2 suspension lines, and the training and setup anywhere guide.

Customer Service:

You can contact the company at to get more information or have your questions answered.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

There are not many online reviews as of yet but there has been lots of positive media coverage for Monkii Bars.  Popular fitness magazines and blogs have lauded the product and are excited about this gear becoming a must have item for outdoor fitness enthusiasts.


There are some options for portable suspension workout gear, most notably from TRX Suspension Training, however not many products have focused as much on portability and sleek design as Monkii Bars.  Other options for portable functional training include the RX Jump Rope.
Once you start thinking outside the box for where and how you can workout you’ll find you have limitless options.
If you have used Monkii Bars please leave your reviews below.
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Irvine, CA
Love my monkii bars

I was able to get them on pre-order through their website before they sold out. I've found that I actually use them most at home, but like to take them outside once in a while. They work really well for pullups, dips, rows, and pushups (and modified forms of each of these). Overall, feel like they'll prepare me well for my 1st Tough Mudder this summer.

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