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About MovNat
MovNat is breakthrough fitness system founded by Erwan Le Corre.  This method of training focuses on teaching people how to reconnect with and rediscover their bodies natural abilities.  This performance oriented program will teach you how to efficiently move your body to achieve real world feats of strength and endurance.
The exercises focus on improving basic locomotive functions like walking, running, and jumping then moves on to climbing & swimming. They also teach manipulative skills like lifting, carrying, and throwing.

How Does it Work?

The idea behind this program is to separate “gym strength” from real world functional movements.  For instance someone may be able to bench press 300 lbs but can't climb up a tree without pulling a muscle.
Erwan’s philosophy is that it is precisely these types of evolutionary and biological movements that should be at the core of health and fitness. Through MovNat people can get direct training, physical education, and certification to spread the practice.
The courses apply to all fitness levels and since they focus on teaching the mechanics of movements anyone can benefit.  You can scale up in difficulty as you progress but everyone still needs to learn the fundamentals.


MovNat offers 2 day workshops around the country which cost around $420 depending on the location.  There are also retreats that you can attend and 2 options for online training.  
Standard Online Coaching offers you a customized 4 day training plan featuring warm-ups, mobility drills, skill development, strength training, and combo’s.  You also get 10 emails per month, Initial video analysis, and video examples of movements.
Premier online coaching offers you a 7 day training plan, unlimited email, 60 minute phone/Skype call, video analysis up to 10 videos per month, video examples of movements, FMS correctives based on your screen.
There is also a series of certification courses which you can take to officially teach MovNat courses at your gym.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

There are tons of positive reviews for MovNat, almost every Paleo Blogger thats attended has a positive write up of their experience at the workshop.  In addition Erwan Le Corre has been profiled in Outside and Men’s Health magazines whose authors also greatly enjoyed the training.

Competitors and Alternatives:

While there are some trainers teach similar methods or skills like Parkour there is nothing like this comprehensive natural movement based training system.
If you have attended a MovNat workshop, retreat, online course, or certification class please leave your review below.
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