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Natural Glow Skin Care Guide
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About Natural Glow Skin Care Guide
The Natural Glow Skin Care guide, found at, was created to provide women with an alternative form of skin care and anti-aging options.  The creators, Barbara Statter and Nayri Ishkhanian, take you through a litany of reasons for why you should consider ditching most over the counter products in place of your own food-grade creations.
They argue that many of the chemicals inside cheap creams, despite being FDA approved can cause a host of problems including:
  • Worse wrinkles
  • Kill healthy skin cells
  • Accelerate aging
  • Make it harder to lose weight
  • Imbalance your hormones
  • Cause fertility issues
  • And cause Acne
Much of this comes in the form of Sulphates, Parabens, and Ethanolamine.  They urge their customers to reevaluate their skin care routines and substitute as many natural products and tips that they can.

What’s Inside Natural Glow?

Inside the book you will learn time and money saving recipes, lifestyle tips and techniques to bring about your best skin.
The book covers all aspects of skin care, everything from anti-aging, moisturizing, acne control and more.
Natural Glow also comes with a bonus eBook of beauty recipes that focuses on:
Teeth Whitening
Removing Nail Stains
Thickening Your Eyebrows And Eyelashes
Fixing Callused Feet


The book is sold as a digital download for $14.95.

Customer Service:

Natural Glow is backed by a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee which lets you check out the product and if you don’t see results or value get a full refund.  If you have any questions about this skin care guide you can reach someone at

Online Reviews/Complaints:

They have lots of testimonials posted on their website from customers claiming to have enjoyed amazing benefits from the Natural Glow System.  They even have an endorsement from the owner of Wellness Bakeries.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are some very popular and helpful guides for transitioning to all natural beauty care products.  Most notable ones include: Primal Beauty Secrets, Purely Primal Skincare.

Where to Buy?

You can download the book directly from
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