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About Nick’s Sticks
Nick’s Sticks are the product of founder and farmer Nick Wallace.  Based in Keystone, Iowa Wallace Farms raises grass-fed cows for the making of healthy meat snack sticks.  After his successful battle against Cancer Nick became focused on natural foods and healthy living.
Now through Wallace Farms he is able to take his vision to the next level by sharing top quality food products with the world.  His animals are raised on grass, see plenty of sunshine, and enjoy a free-range lifestyle.  The end result is great tasting snacks with all the nutritional benefits of eating non factory farmed meat.

Benefits of Grass-fed Meat: 

One of the most important tenets of the Paleo Diet is to only eat products from animals that were raised true to their wild nature, this encompasses everything from what, how, and when they eat to how much grazing and outdoor access they receive.
The reasoning behind this is simple, the healthier the animal is the more nutrient dense its meat will be.  Further a healthy animal does not need to be injected with antibiotics to keep it alive, or hormones to grow it to enormous proportions.
It can be argued that many of the medical conditions plaguing Americans stem from a diet lacking in properly raised animals.  While it may be cheaper to eat conventionally raised meat it may not be healthier. 
Grass-fed meat has been shown to be lower in saturated fat, contain higher amounts of healthy omega 3 fats, have higher quantities of conjugated linoleic acid (a possible cancer fighter), enjoy reduced exposure to bacteria, and be more ecologically friendly.

Nick’s Sticks Products and Ingredients:

Currently the farm produces Beef and Turkey sticks available in spicy or traditional flavors.  The items contain no: MSG, Nitrates, Antibiotics, Hormones, Sugar, Red Dye, or Gluten.  You can get the full list of ingredients for each product on their website.
You can order the items in individual packages or sign up for a monthly subscription.  Play around with your order as you can save more per package the larger your order is.

Customer Service:

Unfortunately Nick’s Sticks are non refundable due to the perishable nature of the product.  However if your order is damaged or you have concerns about the quality of an item they will work with you to make it right.  You can reach support through their website, email, or at (319) 442-3244.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

Nick’s Sticks have tons of positive online reviews and much support from the Paleo blogger community with many of them using the Sticks as parts of giveaways and promotions.  They also have positive Facebook reviews and over 4k likes.  There were some online complaints from people who did not prefer the taste.

Competitors and Alternatives:

While there are many jerky and meat providers not all use grass-fed high quality animals.  Some other popular Paleo meat snack providers include Steve’s PaleoGoods and Primal Pacs.

Where to Buy?

You can order Nick’s Sticks directly from their website, at, or select gyms.
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