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About Nogii Bars
NoGii products sell gluten-free snacks for people who live active lifestyles. The company was created by celebrity talk show host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who became a gluten-free advocate as she used a gluten-free diet to combat her diagnosis of Celiac disease. 

Products and Ingredients:

All of the NoGii Products are manufactured in a facility approved and certified by high standards of the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO). The GCFO's certification process includes the following:  Reviews ingredients right down to the original supplier, Conducts site inspections by experienced, trained independent (third party) Field Inspection Agents, and Product and ingredient testing.
All of the products are also free of hydrogenated oils and eggs. There are some products that do contain peanuts and corn.  Soy appears as an allergen on the Quinoa Powder because small amount of Soy Lecithin is used in the protein agglomeration process to keep the proteins from clumping, which allows the product to mix easily in water. 

Cost and price plans:

Protein Bars: $19.93 to $45.72
Paleo Bars: $2.42 to $21.80
Snack Bars (D'Lites): $1.25 to $22.50
Protein Powders: $49.99
Single Bars: $2.99 to $3.81

Customer Service: 

You can contact NoGii on their web form ( and follow the company's updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  The company offers special product promotions and discounts to our NoGii VIP members if you sign up for the e-newsletter. 

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints:

Customers on Amazon give the product a very high rating for the bar's taste, which many say taste like candy bars, and for being filling. 
Some people say it is expensive, while other people say it is worth the higher price. Some customers did not like that the product uses palm kernel oil instead of coconut oil. 

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are a variety of companies that produce certified gluten-free bars including The Gluten Free Bar, Bumble Bar, and GoMacro Bars. Other popular Paleo bars include Epic Bars, EXO, and the Tanka Bar.

Where to buy?

NoGii products can be found in over 30,000 retail locations nationwide. You can use the company's store locator ( Be aware that the products, flavors and sizes may vary based on retailer.  All of the NoGii products can be found on their website.
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