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About Nom Nom Paleo
Nom Nom Paleo is the extremely popular blog of Michelle Tan and Henry Wong.  What started as a simple recipe website has developed into a quickly growing brand, with a CookBook, Mobile App, and even an action figure.  Michelle’s near daily posts document her recipes and efforts of raising a Paleo family while working full time.
Nom Nom Paleo has received numerous blog awards and recognition from Paleo publications.  Some of the accolades include best recipe, best food photography, and best food blog.  This fanfare has also carried over to the recently released cookbook, “Nom Nom Plaeo: Food for Humans.”
The cookbook features 128 recipes that are all Paleo and have what some described as an Asian/Californian influence.  Unlike most cookbooks, Food for Humans comes with its own mobile app version.
The hardcover book is great to have but if you use technology in the kitchen then the iPad app might be right for you.  It features interactive guides, options to email recipes, create shopping lists, and plan your menu for weeks.  The book can be featured through most online book retailers like Amazon and Barnes and Noble and the app can be purchased through Itunes.
Nom Nom Paleo consistently delivers great content and unique food perspectives.  They recently gained a lot of mainstream exposure by having their Paleo Sriracha recipe go viral.  Just one of many examples of how with a little guidance going Paleo does not have to equal sacrificing the foods you love.
If you’re not into the cookbooks or Paleo gear offered on their site you should still definitely bookmark the blog and visit often for the free and delicious weekly recipes, kitchen tips, and insights into what it takes to raise a Paleo family.
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