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About Northstar Nutritionals
NorthStar Nutritionals sells supplements, vitamins and pain relievers that address a range of health problems including providing joint support, sleep support and blood sugar support. The company always researches the best ingredients and ensures they are from reliable sources.

Products and Ingredients:

People can navigate the website and browse for products organized by gender, health concerns or ingredients. The company dedicates time to researching and discovering the best ingredients from around the world.
Gluco-Sucre is one of the company's top products. It is a natural blood sugar support supplement to help support optimal glucose metabolisim, maintain healthy insulin sensitivity for balanced blood sugar, and reduce post-meal blood sugar blips. The product is comprised of Biotin, Chromium, Gencinia ®, Agaricus Blazei Extract, gelatin capsule, microcrystalline callulose, magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide.


The price for all of the products range from $19.95 to $399.95. Customers have the option of having flexible delivery and can specify how often they would like to receive certain products, such as one bottle every six weeks. People who sign up with their email can get 10% off their first order in addition to hearing about the latest products and ingredients.
Customers can also sign up for the Auto-Delivery Service for free and the company will automatically send the next shipment of products when the first order is about to run out.

Customer Service:

The company can be reached at 1-800-913-2592 from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. EST and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST. NorthStar Nutritionals provides a 100% money back guarantee for any reason.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints:

Customers generally give positive reviews about the company's Soothanol X2 Natural Pain Control product. The product worked very well for many customers suffering from different types of pain, including shoulder pain and knee pain from one customer who had arthritis. Some customers felt little to no pain relief from using Soothanol. 
There are several people who have written complaints about returning products and not receiving response from company representatives after several attempts to follow up. One customer kept receiving additional products he didn't order. It took a long time for a customer service representative to get back to him and a long time to process the refund.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are many companies that sell healthy supplements, vitamins and pain relief products. It is important to see which websites provide more credible health information about ingredients and the effects of the products. EcoNeugenics, LifeExtension, and are just a few companies customers can browse through to find health products.

Where to buy?

You can order all NorthStar Nutritional products on the website or get select products on Amazon. 
If you have tried any of NorthStar Nutritional's products, please leave your reviews below.
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Dan D
January 10, 2021

I agreed to receive a sample shipment for shipping costs only for two bottles . $7.95... two weeks later I was billed $99.85 each !!! Then two weeks later I was billed again for auto ship !
When I called to object they offered me auto ship for $18 a bottle !! Absolutely thieves !

Suresh Kumar
Restore fx

After taking restore fx my hair are falling heavily from 10 days i don't know how to restore my lost hair can anybody help me

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Richard Bush
February 06, 2020

sounds like bull shit to me. Im taking it, about six months now, see hair coming in. Period

Paulette Crook
Hanover, PA
Customer Service is poor

I bought Soothanol, also. The customer service representative I spoke with talked me in to "Automatic Delivery" which is the BIGGEST mistake you can make with this company. I started with 6 bottles, and found the product burned my skin regardless of how tiny the amount was that I used. I shared the product with some friends, and they use it now & then, but the way it burns skin can negate positive effects. I canceled automatic delivery about a month after receiving the first order. This past week, 6 more bottles arrived. When I called to cancel and request a return postage label, the polite Customer Service Representative advised me that she would send my request. I heard nothing further, even though the “bombard” me with Emails about buying additional products any other time. So I called again, and the equally as polite Customer Service Representative enlightened me this time...NorthStar Nutritionals does not provide postage free labels in a case where the delivery occurred because the Customer did not cancel Automatic delivery (they had no record of my call canceling Automatic delivery). If you're expecting to be treated with respect, NorthStar Nutritionals is NOT the place for you to patronize. They just don't care. As a result, they lost me as a customer.

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Hector Roy
Northern Ontario, Canada
Soothanol X2

When I bought Soothanol X2, I was skeptic about their claim. I bought it for my wife who had almost continuos back and neck aches. Guess what? After a few drops of application on the areas, her aches went away, like a miracle.
Well I tried it for myself as well. I didn't have a big backache, but it was often annoying... I couldn't sleep on my back very long anymore... I had to sleep on my right or left side. After the first application of a few drops, I realized that I slept more on my back. After the second application, I slept all night on my back for 7 hours straight without waking up, and I was well rested too.
This Soothanol X2 is marvelous.
One thing I don't like, it's the way Dr Allan Spreen advertises the products. Its dialogues are abrainwashing sessions. That makes you wonder if money isn't the primary aim? He takes so long to get to the point, that I often quit before I get to the product name. Please, Dr, get to point, and stop repeating yourself.
My wife is 72 and I am 77.

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