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About One Potato Meal Delivery
One Potato focuses on feeding the entire family with weekly meals using organic, pre-prepped ingredients with special child pricing. Many of the recipes come from co-founder Catherine McCord’s best selling Weelicious cookbooks and website so your family can enjoy new flavors.

Products and Ingredients:

One Potato’s weekly meal delivery helps save families time with semi-chopped and prepared ingredients so they can enjoy a healthy meal in 30 minutes or less. 
All of the meals are made from certified organic and non-GMO seasonal ingredients, which are sourced from local farms. One Potato is also a nut-free facility and offers nut free options to accommodate customers’ dietary preferences like pesto and dipping sauces. 
Sourcing the highest quality organic produce is part of the company’s mission. They work with the country’s best fish, meat, and poultry providers who share the same values of sustainability and humane treatment of animals. 
When you sign up to One Potato’s meal plans, there is no membership fee, no minimum commitment, and you can cancel anytime. Here is how you can sign up: 
Sign up 
Tell the size of your family and dietary restrictions you may have such as fish, shellfish, or pork. Once you sign up, you will receive an email with pictures and recipes of the delicious dinners you will cook the following week. 
Receive your box
Every Tuesday, you will get fresh and organic food in a cooled insulated box that is customized to your family. If you are going out of town, you can simply click on your Delivery Schedule and say that you don’t need help that week. 
The packaging is recyclable, biodegradable, and reusable. The boxes are made from 98% post-consumer cardboard and the insulation is made from recycled denim jeans. Even the ice packs and containers are completely recyclable. 
You decide which of the three meals you will cook that night and refrigerate the rest. 
Here are some examples of a week’s meals: 
Falafel plate with Greek salad and cous cous
Italian chicken with roast cauliflower and avocado toast
Spaghetti and vegetarian meatballs with Caesar salad

Cost and Price Plans:

The meal plan can be customized to the family and shipping is always free. 
There are three meals per week: 
Price per adult meal: $11.99. Gluten-free options cost $1.50 per meal per adult.
Price per child meal: $4.50

Customer Service:

Contact One Potato by emailing and follow company updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

Many customers love One Potato because it has saved them time as a busy parent and some kids who are picky eaters love the company’s meals. Many people find the meals easy to prepare and cook. The company gets a lot of praise for delivering meals on time, especially compared to other meal delivery companies. 
Some people complained that the meals were too expensive for most people to buy on a regular basis and that the company does not come with a money back guaranteed or offer a way for customers to try a meal before they buy. Many other companies are offer these incentives.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are many companies that provide healthy and organic meal delivery services including Factor 75, Pete's Paleo,

Where to Buy?

You can subscribe to a One Potato meal plan on their website ( 
If you have tried One Potato’s meal plans, please leave your review below. 
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Not what I expected

I was excited to get my one potato box! Well, first of all everything was not labeled so I didn't know what was in 2 of the packages. My dinners consisted of hot dogs and a chicken dish. One other dish which was mac and cheese. Hot dogs? Mac and cheese? Really? I can stop at the store and buy a package of hot dogs and a box of mac and cheese. I know this is organic but I can buy all of this in organic and its simple to make. I am sorry to say, I am very disappointed. I canceled after my first week.

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