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About Organic Prairie
Organic Prairie is a cooperative of family farms producing high quality organic and grass fed meats.  Since 1996 they have been adhering to a system of raising cattle that avoided the use of harmful pesticides, synthetic hormones, and antibiotics.
Their self prescribed guidelines were ahead of the requirements and helped shape the future of USDA organic meat certification standards. To this day their mission remains the same, which is to provide families with the healthiest meats while respecting the animals and the environment.


Organic Prairie does a number of things to ensure that their meats adhere to and exceed organic standards.  They do not use any GMO’s in the production of the meat and their cattle graze on organic pastures while poultry and hogs have free access to the outdoors.
Their safety standards require each batch of meat to be tested for bacteria before it leaves their processing facilities.  Further, they have annual third party inspections of facilities for Good Manufacturing Practices adherence.
While all their meat is pastured currently the 100% Grass fed options are sourced from cooperatives in Queensland, Australia.

Organic vs All Natural:

There is a large debate in the cattle producing community of whether it’s necessary to carry the USDA organic certification.  Many small farmers choose to avoid the bureaucratic process of getting their farms certified arguing that the most important factor is whether the cattle have been grass fed their entire lives.
Slanker Meats is an example of this with their better than organic claim.  However on the Organic Prairie website you can find an infographic touting the benefits of certified Organic and lists all the added benefits.

Customer Service:

The company can be reached at 877-662-6328 or email at  There is no minimum order requirements but an order over $200 will qualify for free shipping.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

While most online reviews are positive there are some complaints from people feeling that they were misled about the source of their meat.  It’s important to note that the 100% grass fed meat comes from Australia and not the collection of midwestern American farms.

Competitors and Alternatives:

As with most things buying local will always be your best bet as you save on shipping costs and do less harm to the environment.  If you do not have that option there is a growing number of farms shipping high quality meats such as TX Bar Organics, US Wellness Meats, and Vital Choice.

Where to Buy?

You can order Organic Prairie products directly from their website or from popular local retailers such as Whole Foods and Costco.  Check their website for a retail location near you.
If you have tried Organic Prairie Meats please leave your review below.
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Shelly L
Allentown, PA
No quality control

I purchased roasted diced chicken. It was dry with hard unchewable pieces in it. It was advertised as great for chicken salads. Well, I do not think so when you have to be pulling out hard dried out pieces. After my husband tried it, he told me never to buy this again. Seriously, these products are expensive. You would think they would have some quality control before sending this to customers!

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Lori D.
Quality & Ingredients

Organic Prairie's grass Fed got dogs have a sodium content of 450mg. per dog. Way too much sodium, plus they add sugar. Their ground turkey is gooey & has an a gross smell.

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March 10, 2018

okay... its a hotdog...

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