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About Paleo Leap
Paleo Leap, formerly Paleo Diet Lifestyle, is a full service paleo community website that provides users with a wealth of resources.  The website helps those just learning about Paleo have a smooth transition as well as provide seasoned followers with additional info and recipe ideas.
There is a lot of misinformation out there regarding what it means to live and eat Paleo and this website does a great job of clearing up many of those issues.  It provides its visitors with helpful meal plans, shopping lists, and tips for saving money.

The CookBook:

Paleo Leap is also well known for their CookBook, “The Paleo Recipe Book” which provides readers easy to follow delicious recipes.  The book features 350 recipes that are grain, legume, dairy, added sugar, and vegetable oil free.
It also comes with lots of bonuses such as the 8 week meal plan, “Paleo Desserts” cookbook, Quick and Simple Paleo meals cookbook, Herbs and Spices guide, and the Troubleshooting Paleo guide.
While the website features many free recipes the official cookbook goes above and beyond the free content and is a great addition to any kitchen or gift for someone looking to make the transition.

Customer Service:

If you have issues regarding purchase of the cookbook the sales end is handled by ClickBank, which offers no questions asked refunds.  If you need to contact Paleo Leap for any other inquires you can do so through their website.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

You can’t fault a content provider that offers free resources, and many people have found their articles very helpful.  The Paleo Recipe Book has many positive reviews and success stories from readers, it is also recommended by many bloggers.
The company has also released The Paleo Leap App which has some mixed reviews.  Some people report having problems getting the recipes on their mobile devices.
They also offer another digital download, “Your Guide to Paleo” which also has solid reviews.

Competitors and Alternatives:

As Paleo becomes more of a household name there are more and more bloggers providing recipes and information to help you go Paleo.  If you’re new to this lifestyle you can start with some of the most popular sites such as the Primal Blueprint, Nom Nom Paleo, and
In the end it is the diet that will benefit you so most people end up reading and following the authors that they most relate to.

Where to Buy:

Paleo Leap’s The Paleo Recipe Book can purchased through their website or through  The app is available for most smart phones.
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Great if...

I viewed their website several times and love the information they have available there. I never buy cookbooks since I can usually just Google a recipe and make my own variation that suits my household. However, I thought since this is an entire diet change it'd be best to follow a guide at least at first. I purchased the Paleo Recipe Book + Bonuses & Your Guide To Paleo. Unfortunately I never received Paleo Recipe Book + Bonuses. I've messaged paleoleap about this and gotten no response. I've messaged the clickbank about it and gotten no response. In my opinion it doesn't matter how good a product is if you have no customer service to deal with any issues that come up. I was very frustrated to spend $30 on an e cookbook and never received the book or even have my issue acknowledged. I gave an extra star for the material that is available on their website.

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December 18, 2014

Its on there download page.

Read the instructions. Its all there.

January 06, 2016

Has this issue been resolved as I would like to purchase but will hold off if nothing is received after making the payment.

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