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About Paleo On The Go
Paleo On The Go is a Paleo meal delivery service founded by Dave Rohde out of Largo, FL.  After experiencing first hand the benefits of a Paleo diet Dave set out to build a business that would help others do the same.
His company ships healthy and nutritious meals throughout the US, AK,HI and Puerto Rico.  The meals are vacuum-sealed, stored frozen, and shipped frozen in dry ice.

Ingredients, Meals, and Plans:

Paleo On The Go  makes a wholehearted effort to source the best produce, meat, poultry, seafood, and cooking oils available.  While not everything is 100% GMO or organic they do make sure that items on the dirty dozen list are organic and strive to work with honest sustainable farms.
They have a detailed list of their sourcing practices and a list of the farms they work with on their site,
What you will get is a variety of meals that use: pasture raised, humanely treated, and antibiotic free animals, sustainably raised and wild caught seafood, healthy fats, and vegetables and fruits.  The meals do not contain any Dairy, grains, legumes or soy.
This is in line with Paleo principles that we should be eating in line with what our pre-agrarian ancestors ate.
The meal proportions are around 5-6oz of protein with vegetables and sauce 4-7oz, soups are 12oz, and veggie sides 7-8oz.  You can order single serve meals and a la carte items or a meal plan for around $360 (shipping included) that includes 21 full meals and 2 paleo treats, that comes out to around 17 dollars a meal.
There is also an Autoimmune Protocol option that does not use ghee, eggs, nuts, or nightshades.

Customer Service:

If you have any questions and need to reach a representative you can do so at 855-447-2536 or submit a query through their online contact form.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

Currently the company does not have that many online reviews from customers or bloggers but they have many positive testimonials on their website.

Competitors and Alternatives:

As the Paleo diet becomes mainstream there are more meal delivery services opening up, some others include Pre-Made Paleo and Pete’s Paleo.
If you have tried or are currently a subscriber to Paleo On The Go please leave your reviews and opinions below.
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Paleo Perfection

I haven't found a dish that I don't enjoy yet. My favorite is the apple chicken burgers and the chicken pot pie. I also love their chocolate chip cookies. They have a ton of recipes on their website too, which is nice because they often share how some of these dishes are made. I highly recommend and suggest that you try their pot pies first, you won't be disappointed.

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Chicago illinois
Good quality food

Food was great quality and taste, not a huge fan of the chicken dishes but the veggie and beef ones were great! The only reason I took away one star is because they are a bit pricey.

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