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Paleo Plan 21 Day Detox
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About Paleo Plan 21 Day Detox
D21 is a 21-day Paleo Winter/Spring Detox program that guides you gently and safely through the process of supporting your body’s ability to detox. It is created by Certified Nutritionist Aimee McNew and is designed to increase energy levels, reduce unpleasant symptoms, and gain more vitality.

How it Works:

Aimee specializes in women’s health, hormonal balance, and supports digestive detox and health. After getting tired of seeing people failing in their efforts to detox and regain their vitality, she created D21 to empower women and men to support and nourish their body’s detox organs for long lasting results.
As a nutritionist, she has helped hundreds of women and men of all ages with a variety of health challenges including losing weight, fixing autoimmune conditions, and boosting energy back to the same levels they had in their 20s. Her protocols can be practiced by people at any age whether they are 30 or 70. 
Aimee gained weight quickly in her early twenties and ended up being depressed with chronic migraines. She experimented with a variety of detox and cleanses, but some of the programs made her get sicker and fatter. Finally, after years of research and experimentation, her detox effort succeeded and she lost 80 pounds, reversed thyroid disease, and stopped her migraines. 
If you are experiencing a variety of ongoing discomforts such as having indigestion after a big meal, having frequent headaches, and feeling tired most of the time, then the D21 program could help.  
D21 is based around a Paleo diet with carefully selected recipes to stimulate detox, remove sugar and stimulants from your diet, and keeping you feeling full the whole time. There are three phases in the D21 program.
Phase 1: Your Food
Each day you will eat Paleo-centric meals designed to flush out harmful toxins and chemicals while allowing your organics to operate like smooth, well-oiled machines. You will be able to interact with other students in the D21 class and Aimee. 
Because D21 Is Paleo, it won’t include grains, legumes, dairy, or soy. Some of the recipes you will get includes prosciutto wrapped avocado egg, chicken dinner with Brussel sprouts, and salmon burger with mango jicama slaw.  
Phase 2: Your Detox Organs
This phase focuses on discovering how your detox organs work and understanding which factors in your own lifestyle are causing issues. Some of the module topics include the 12 best detox foods, how to heal your gut, and 13 best tasting detox drinks. 
Phase 3: Mind/Body Connection
It is important to make the necessary mental and emotional changes to help you find success that goes well beyond the 21-day program. 
When you sign up for the D21 program you will get: 
  • A full Paleo meal plan
  • Weekly shopping lists to help you shop at the grocery store
  • Daily informative reading to explain why you are doing what you are doing
  • Printable journal to track your success
  • Detox success audio series on how to properly set goals and keep you motivated in the program
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook detox-only group


The D21 program cost $29.99.

Customer Service:

You can contact Aimee on her web form ( or connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

There are currently no public online reviews on the program.

Competitors and Alternatives:

Other certified nutritionists living a Paleo lifestyle who offer online detox programs include Marc Vance’s 21 Day Detox Program, Diane Sanfilippo’s 21-Day Sugar Detox, and Paleo Hacks 30 Day Challenge.

Where to Buy?

You can register on the D21 website ( 
If you have tried the D21 program, please leave your review below.  
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