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About Plan To Eat - Menu Planner App
Plan to Eat is the jack of all trades when it comes to using technology to plan your household meals.  The website/app acts as an all-in-one online recipe organizer, meal planner, and grocery shopping list maker.
Created as a way to manage their own needs the founders have built the software with you in mind.  At every step of the way there are options and customizable features to make your life easier.
By optimizing your household economics with their technology you’ll ultimately save time, save money, and remove the barriers to healthy home cooking.

How Plan To Eat Works:

1. Everything starts from their online recipe clipper and bookmark tool.  This allows you to save any recipe you find online into your account.  You can also use their recipe search bar or manually import your own offline/saved favorite recipes.
Once the recipes are in your account you can organize/sort them however you like based on rating, course, type of cuisine, and tags.
2.  Meal Planning - Once your recipe database is up and running you can start planning your meals.  Plan to Eat provides a simple drag and drop calendar tool so that you can plan up to a month of meals just by clicking and dragging a recipe to the day you’d like to eat it on.
3.  With your plan set it’s time to hit the grocery store.  Your grocery list is automatically created for based on the recipes saved in your calendar.  You can choose to shop for a week’s worth of food or more.  
You can access the shopping list from any mobile device (app is in the works) and check off items as you place them in your cart.
4.  Cook and enjoy, they have included some great features that make cooking from recipes much easier.  You can use their cooking view option to enlarge your recipe and view it one step at a time.
They also have a host of social features that let you engage with your friends and easily share recipes.

Cost and Price Plan:

You can sign up for a free 30 day trial with no strings attached and no payment info required.  If you wish to maintain your subscription it will cost you $4.95 per month or $39 for the whole year.

Customer Service:

Plan to Eat is upfront about their policies and try to make things as easy as possible.  They offer a no questions asked refund policy and you can cancel the service at any time.
Furthermore they do not renew your subscription automatically or hold your information hostage, if you no longer want the service you can export all of your saved recipes.
If you have any questions or need help you can reach them through their support page which offers answers to common questions and lets you submit inquires.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints:

There are many positive reviews of Plan to Eat from both dedicated users and professional food bloggers.  People really appreciate the ease of the service and the time that it saves them once they have it up and running smoothly.  With any tech service there is a learning curve but once you get over that and get the hang of the software it should be a helpful addition to your kitchen.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are a ton of apps and meal planning services out there.  When you are deciding which one you want to join the main thing to consider is if you want to follow someone else's meal plan or your subscribe to a tool that lets you manage your own hand picked recipes, or some hybrid of both.
Some other similar recipe manager tools include: the Paprika App and Pepper Plate.  Other popular meal planning services are Cook Smarts,, and Once a Month Meals.

Where to Buy?

You can start your free no strings attached trial directly from their website at
If you have tried their service please share your opinions, thoughts, or tips and tricks below.
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