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About Primal Fuel
Primal Fuel is a meal replacement supplement developed by Mark Sisson and the team from the Primal Blueprint.  The formula is designed to provide people with an easy source of protein, healthy fats, and prebiotics.
Mark’s site is usually the launching place for most people’s Paleo journeys however this product is not 100% paleo.  It’s designed to ease the transition for newcomers as it’s convenient to prepare and helps curb those early sugar cravings.

Ingredients, Side Effects, and Safety:

The main ingredient in Primal Fuel is Whey Protein Isolate, followed by Coconut milk and inulin from artichokes.  The product is sweetened with two grams of evaporated cane juice (also known as sucrose) per serving and a little natural stevia.
The majority of people should have no problems from consuming this supplement, it helps to know how your body tolerates coconut milk and whey protein.

Customer Service:

Customer support can be reached at 888-774-6259 via the contact form on their website.  If you are not satisfied with Primal Fuel and are not completely satisfied mail back the remaining product within 30 days for a full refund.
The mailing address is:
Primal Nutrition
23805 Stuart Ranch Rd.
Suite 145
Malibu, CA 90265

Online Reviews/Complaints:

This product has had some controversy from people complaining that one of the leaders of the Paleo movement also sells a product that doesn’t completely live up to those standards.
However, the reviews for the actual product regarding the taste and consistency have been positive.  Ultimately this product helps people who need an easy meal/snack replacement when fresh food is not an option.

Competitors and Alternatives:

You can always experiment with making your own post workout or meal replacement shakes.  There are more and more companies making clean supplements such as Formulx which makes a high performance protein powder.

Where to Buy?

Primal Fuel can be purchased from Amazon or directly from the Primal Blueprint website.
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