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About Primal Pacs
Primal Pacs, “Paleo on the Go”, is a similar snack to that of a trail mix but are much healthier. While typical trail mixes on the market contain artificial ingredients, preservatives and fillers, "Primal Pacs" offer a healthier alternative adhering to the standards of a Paleo Diet.


Primal Pacs are vacuum sealed for freshness and are made with all natural ingredients. They contain almonds, cranberries, macadamia nuts, dried mangos and organic grass-fed seasoned beef jerky.

Is it safe?

Paleo Pacs are gluten free, dairy free, grain free, and gmo free. The low level of carbohydrates in a Pac enables consumers to keep their blood sugar levels stable. Grass fed beef has been shown to contain higher levels of Omega 3 and CLA offering even further health benefits.


Primal Pacs are "Whole30 approved" which means this product is an acceptable snack for the Whole30 diet program; it can be found at
The owners of Primal Pacs are still in the process of getting USDA approval to add "grass-fed" beef to the package. It is a lengthy approval process, but they have no doubt it will be finalized soon.


  • Jerky only (pkg. of 3) $22.50
  • No Grain Paleo Granola $10.99
  • Old School Small Primal Pac (pkg. of 5) $17.50
  • Primal Pacs (pkg. of 5) $17.50

Customer Support:

920 S Holgate St. #101 Seattle, WA 98134
E-mail them directly through their website:

Online reviews:

Primal Pacs have captured the attention of Paleo diet followers, filling cravings for sweet or salty snacks. Having 24g of protein in a small Pac, the product has been popular amongst individuals who want to refuel after a strenuous workout.
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and adhering to a healthy diet, at home or on the go, is easy with a Primal Pac. They are portioned in a snack size package and are not supposed to be used as a meal replacement.

Competitors and alternatives:

PaleoKits is a product that has been compared to Primal Pacs because of its "trail-mix" similarities; Primal Pacs are the favorable choice. They are tastier and even contain very little carbohydrates. They are also not as messy to eat as Paleo Kits and cost a tad bit less.

Where to buy:

In addition to purchasing Primal Pacs on their website, there are many small health food retailers and specialty grocery stores who carry them. You may want to call first.
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William mohns
Waxahachie, texas
Do not order from these people

Placed my order on August 8 2015 paid in full. As of December 8th I still haven't received my order. Got one email from them saying they were behind schedule with the move and would receive the order in a couple weeks. No communication since the even after repeated emails to cancel the order and refund my money back to me. Live and learn

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Mike B
January 05, 2016

i have had a very similar experience. i think someone should tell Whole30 who endorse them!

April 21, 2017

This was me too. Never got my order, never got my refund.. and their website still says they're temporarily closed it's what? 2 years now?

St. Paul, MN
Product paid for but never received!

This company has serious issues. Do not risk ordering from them! I placed an order on May 30, 2015 and they charged my Credit Card on that day. The company has never shipped the product to me. After numerous phone calls and emails in which Matthew promised that he shipped the order, I still have no product. Now, the company does not answer their calls or emails. I registered a complaint with the BBB and Primal Pacs has not responded to them either. I have now disputed the charge with my credit card company. Stay clear of this company!!

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Horrible customer service!

Placed an order on 1/14/15 that was paid in full. As long as three weeks later still had not received order. After numerous attempts to contact the company through various means, we finally received a partial order with no explanation as to when the rest of the shipment would arrive. As of today, March 4, still have not received the rest of order and any attempts to contact to company have been futile. Thought the Primal Pacs we received tasted great, but will not be ordering again due to inexcusable customer services!!

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