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About Primal Sleep System
The Primal Sleep System was developed by David Sinick and the program consists of listening to audio technology that enables your brain to release the right kind of waves and a guide to help people have a deep and quality sleep.

How it Works:

Many people have a hard time going to sleep in their busy and stressful lives. Some research shows that 8 hours of quality sleep can help people: 
  • Regain sharp, clear thinking, and radically improve their memory
  • Curb the inflammation that leads to diabetes, arthritis, and premature aging
  • Cut your risk of death by half
When we sleep, the brain flushes out toxins that build up during the day though the glymphatic system, which is like your brain’s own garbage disposal. Scientists discovered the glymphatic system is 10 times more active when sleeping. 
Primal Sleep System includes a core manual and three audio discs that promote Delta wave production in the brain, which slows your brainwaves down and lead to a deeper, longer, more restful sleep. 
You can listen to Primal Sleep up to 2-hours before you want to go to sleep. The audio technology plays binaural beats, which use a process called ‘frequency response’ that trains your brain into states of relaxation.
The Primal Sleep Core Manual PDF includes: 
  • The six core steps that have helped thousands of other men and women get the deepest, most rejuvenating sleep of their lives
  • 1 simple trick for aligning your sleep with mother nature, triggering your brain into producing calming and sleep-inducing melatonin
  • The #1 mistake people make in their bedroom that makes it impossible to sleep


  • The Primal System Core Manual: $97.00 is the regular price but you can get the pre-sale price for $10.00 if you buy it before the timer runs out on the website
  • The Primal Sleep Audio 1: $37.00
  • The Primal Sleep Audio 2: $37.00
  • The Primal Sleep Audio 3: $37.00

Customer Service:

Contact or call 1-888-205-3870. 
You can try the Primal Sleep System for a full 60 days and if you are not satisfied, you can get your money back.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints:

There are not many reviews of the Primal Sleep System. One user of the program said the practical, easy-to-follow methods enabled her to have a better sleep, which helped her Paleo training. Another user said he has developed a routine that complements his sleep cycle.
A few reviewers have pointed that there is little clinic evidence to support the claim that producing certain brain waves with binaural beats translates to a better sleep. They also said the system is not guaranteed to get rid of insomnia and it is better to cure insomnia with a real medical professional.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are many free online sites that give advice on how to have a deep sleep and links that have binaural beats for people to listen to. People can also buy individual songs on Amazon. Marc Sisson, an influential leader in the primal living movement, has resources on his popular blog that gives tips on how to get a quality sleep.

Where to Buy?

You can buy the Primal Sleep System guide and audio CDs on the website (
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Dr Peter Straw

What a complete load of crap this product is. Anything with loads of waffle and reading is trying to push something to get cash out of people by false means. Take Viagra for example, you don't see heaps of bullshit in a lead up to purchase. This kind of thing should be banned. There are hundreds of reasons why people cannot sleep and your research on brain scans is false.

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Jackie Bollinger
September 06, 2019

I purchased the CD and book about a year ago. I have found that listening to the CD when I go to bed has relieved repetitious, anxious thoughts and relaxed my body while calming my mind. It's helped me fall asleep and stay asleep at least 9 times out of 10.

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