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About PurePharma
PurePharma is a specialized supplement company that focuses on creating top of the line products for improved health and athletic performance.  This Danish company is taking a different approach to the supplement industry by streamlining their product line to only a few scientifically proven formulas.
They supply powerful micronutrients that many people and athletes are not getting from their diets.  Instead of creating all purpose multi-vitamins, like traditional companies, they focus on a handful of evidence-based products that provide real benefits to their customers.
They combine this approach with a dedication to the purest ingredients, environmentally sensible sourcing, no additives and constant reinvestment into research and development.

Products and Ingredients:

They offer 3 formulas for complete health.
PurePharma 03 - This fish oil supplement is derived from wild caught sardines and anchovies and is formulated for rapid and optimal absorption. It has a 5/5 rating from the International Fish Oil Standards lab.
It contains 1,200 mg EPA and 500mg DHA per serving; other ingredients include Gelatin, Glycerin, purified water, <0.02g natural caramel color, lemon oil, and mixed Tocopherols.
PurePharma M3 - Is an essential mineral blend containing magnesium and zinc.  It is designed to help with muscle function, enhance recovery, maintain electrolyte balance, reduce fatigue, improve oxygen delivery, and help with energy conversion.
The supplement contains: Organic Magnesium, Organic Zinc, and a mix of malic acid and Vitamin B6. The product is GMO Free and is certified free of banned substances.
PurePharma D3 - This supplement contains 2500IU of, sheep’s wool sourced, vitamin D3 per capsule and is blended with organic coconut oil to ensure the quickest delivery and maximum absorption.

Customer Service:

If you have any questions you can reach a representative at (866) 540-0788 or email at sales-us@purepharma.com.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

PurePharma is a well known brand in the crossfit and functional fitness world.  They have a lot of support from fitness bloggers and have many positive reviews online.  Customer reviews are also favorable with people really enjoying the fish oil and reporting no negative side effects like fish burps.  The brand also supports many top Crossfit competitors.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are many options for supplements especially fish oil and it’s important to do your research on the companies you may be considering. Additional supplement retailers include Primal Force and Designs for Health. Other suppliers of Fish Oil include Original Nutritionals, PaleoPro, and SFH.

Where to Buy?

You can order PurePharma directly from their website, Amazon, or other crossfit specific online retailers.
If you have used their supplements please leave your review below.
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zach h
Not great value and questions on quality of product

I liked Purepharma 03 as it helped me in my natural bodybuilding as well as Cross Fit. Now, I must be honest with everybody and let you in on some facts. First of all, the product is far too expensive for what you get. Nordic Naturals, Barleans and some others give the same product in much better quality for less of a price. There was also some issues with quality grade of ingredients going into Purepharma products. I now go with my gut and have chosen another company to purchase from.

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