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About Rebel Creamery
One of the hardest things about adopting a healthier diet is the thought of having to say goodbye forever to your favorite treats – like ice cream, for example. We all know how bad sugar is for you, and yet our bodies tend to crave sweet things (thanks, evolution).
Alternatives marketed as being “healthier options” are almost always low fat, still high in carbs, and still containing added sugar, right in line with the standard American diet. So do you have to resign yourself to feelings of deprivation?
Not if Rebel Creamery has anything to say about it! This exciting start up is founded by Austin Archibald with two goals: to bring delicious tasting ice cream that is high in fat, low in carbs, with no added sugar, to stores near you, and to share information about the benefits of a ketogenic diet.
He believes that keto-friendly treats like his ice cream can help encourage people to pursue a healthier lifestyle. Rebel Creamery raised over $80,000 with their Kickstarter campaign, more than three times their original goal. Now Rebel Creamery is on the verge of debuting their keto-friendly ice cream to customers across the US.


Rebel will launch with at least four classic ice cream flavors: vanilla bean, chocolate, cookie dough, and peanut butter fudge. These flavors have a net carb range of just 7-12g per pint, as compared to 16-20g or even 40g for other “healthy” options and up to 152g for a pint of Ben & Jerry’s! More delicious flavors, including dairy free options mad with coconut cream, will be available in the future.
For more information, including complete ingredients lists, detailed nutrition information, comparison to other products, and FAQ’s, check out Rebel Creamery’s Kickstarter page.

How Does It Work?

Rebel Creamery begins by basing their ice cream on real heavy cream, not skim milk like most “healthy” ice creams. They leave all the fat right where it belongs for the true taste and texture of real ice cream.
The ice cream is sweetened with a blend of monkfruit and erythritol for a sweet taste that is still low carb and low GI. All of Rebel Creamery’s products are “made by dedicated fellow keto-ers, for other keto-ers” and will never contain added sugar, grains, or corn products.
Rebel Creamery will begin by selling their products online and shipping them directly to your door. Products will be shipped with dry ice to keep the ice cream frozen in transit.

Cost and Price Plans

Pre-order of Rebel Creamery’s 4 founding flavors was available through pledges on their Kickstarter page starting at 4 pints as the reward for a pledge of $35 USD. The campaign has now closed as Rebel Creamery prepares to produce and ship these first batches.
Rebel Creamery’s online store is planned to launch in April 2018, and while prices for products and shipping are not yet available, the founders promise they are “doing everything we can to make it as affordable as possible.”
As shipping costs can be relatively high for a product like ice cream, their goal is to be distributing to stores as soon as possible in order to bring their products to the customer for a lower price.

Customer Service:

You can contact Rebel Creamery on their Facebook page, or email

Online Reviews/Complaints:

As Rebel Creamery has not officially launched yet, there aren’t really any customer reviews available. Consumers are anxiously and excitedly awaiting the launch of these products, as evident in the number of comments on both the Kickstarter page and their Facebook page saying that people have “high hopes” for Rebel Creamery and “can’t wait” to taste their ice cream.

Competitors and Alternatives:

Other brands which market a “low carb” ice cream include Arctic Zero, Breyer’s CarbSmart, Turkey Hill CarbIQ, Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom, Halo Top, Simple Truth Low Cow Lite, and Enlightened.
However, most of these brands are low fat, many have added sugar, and still contain a higher net carb count than Rebel Creamery products. There is one brand which produces some flavors with a lower carb count than Rebel Creamery: Wink, with a main ingredient of water.

Where to Buy?

Rebel Creamery ice cream will soon be available for order at and delivered straight to your door.
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Laurel L Strong
Fernandina Beach Fl
texture way off

Though the ice cream tasted ok the texture of the vanilla ice cream was horrid. You can not scoop it out as it falls to pieces.

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New York
A Dead Industry

Needless to say - there is nothing to celebrate in a company such as Rebel Creamery which not only makes money from the rape, enslavement, exploitation, mutilation, kidnapping and murder of vulnerable animals - but also brazenly refuses to join modern times and switch their operations to plant based ice cream. Rebel Creamery even has the gall to claim their products are "cruelty free". Add to this the, by now obvious, fact that animal usage is the main contributor to most major health crisis including heart disease, cancer, diabetes and pandemics such as covid-19. Eggs and animal milk (both of which are used in Rebel Creamery's products) are not health foods - whether you call them "free range" or "grass fed" or "keeto" - in fact their production and consumption causes profound harm to everyone and the earth we all share. Happily the animal industry is rapidly crumbling. Dairy producers specifically are shutting down or declaring bankruptcy such as Borden and Dean foods as more and more people are turning to plant-based milks. Human and non-human animals deserve better than what Rebel Creamery has to offer.

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Cyndy Maynard
Quinton, Virginia

This actually tastes like ice cream!!! I have tried others and they were horrible. So happy with this product. Hope one of our local grocers begins to carry it soon!

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April 23, 2020 ice creams go, I enjoy all the flavors y'all produce. That being said, I periodically come across a pint that is, at best, 3/4 full,,,,, this is not a function of the product thawing then refreezing.....simply underfilled at the point of production......

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