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About Rebooted Body
Rebooted Body is a comprehensive weight loss and fitness program that takes a different approach from conventional options.  They focus on a simple approach that values real food, functional fitness and mental support.
They work very hard to make sure you avoid the pitfalls of common programs that emphasize calorie counting, excessive exercise, and compulsive behaviors that ultimately lead to burnout and failure.
Their program is about a lifestyle shift that will keep you healthy in the long run with sustainable  nutrition and fitness strategies.  Rebooted Body does this by starting from the beginning and reprograming your bad habits and misconceptions about what you should be eating, how to work out, and how you feel about yourself.


What many fitness experts are starting to realize is that programs that place emphasis on caloric restrictions combined with prolonged intense exercise lead to unhealthy bodies. Even if weightloss is accomplished the results are not sustained or are maintained with unhealthy behaviors.
This is why Rebooted Body offers a different approach.
Total Body Reboot - The flagship program is based on a diet that encourages real food - not diet foods, a personalized curriculum, and high intensity interval training.
The full program includes:
  • The Total Body Reboot 5 Stage Curriculum
  • 6 Months Unlimited Coaching via our Online Coaching System
  • LIVE Group Coaching Calls Twice Per Month
  • Private Online Forum Access (Support Community)
  • Sortable Sample Recipe System
  • Complete Starter Shopping Guide
  • 6 Week Bodyweight Strength Program
  • 8 Week Functional Resistance Training Program
  • 4 Week Mobility & Flexibility Program
  • On-Demand HD Video of All Exercises
  • BONUS: REM Rehab Premium Sleep Guide
  • BONUS: Complete Guide to Fats
  • BONUS: “Is It Healthy?” Guide to Eating
  • Free Account & Coaching for Spouses
Decode Your Cravings - is a program aimed at those with lifelong food issues, here you will learn the root causes of your negative behaviors, healthy strategies for identifying triggers, and behavioral training for a lifetime of good habits.
Private Coaching -  They offer a complete one-on-one experience that lets you enjoy coaching on your own time and address unique needs that you may have.


Total Body Reboot - one time payment of $495 or 5 monthly payments of $119.
Private Coaching - Starter Package $225 - 3 calls.
6 Calls (10% Off) $399
12 Calls (15% Off) $765
18 Calls (20%+ Off) $997
VeroPure Grass Fed Whey and Collagen Protein Powder 2lbs -$49

Customer Service:

If you have any questions about any of the Rebooted Body programs you can reach someone at their phone number (855) 487-2375 or through the contact form on the website.  The Total Body Reboot program comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

For the most part online reviews of Rebooted body are positive, as the program advocates a healthy way of eating with an emphasis on real food and a variety of workouts that bring results and keep you engaged.  They have also have lots of success stories on

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are many comprehensive fitness programs that combine a healthy way of eating along with functional fitness training.  Some other popular options include The Primal Blueprint, The Paleo Way, and the Fat-Burning Tribe.

Where to Buy?

You can sign up for all of their programs directly from the website.  If you have tried any of the Rebooted Body Programs please leave your review below.
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