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About Rogue Fitness
Rogue Fitness is an online retailer and manufacturer of competitive lifting equipment and sports apparel.  The company makes everything you need to outfit your basement, garage, or commercial gym.
They are a favorite of the CrossFit community and even provide equipment for the official CrossFit Games. They offer many options for people looking to put together full rigs or even those just starting in weightlifting and need some basic equipment.


Their product line features: weightlifting bars & plates, squat stands, power racks, multi-purpose rigs, gymnastics equipment, CrossFit specific gear, Strongman items, shoes, recovery items, and much more.
They really are a one stop shop for all your competitive needs.  They also have options for custom builds and much of their equipment is manufactured in America.

Customer Service:

Rogue Fitness offers a 30 day return policy for unused equipment/gear with the exception of closeout items.  You are responsible for shipping the items back to their warehouse.
They also offer a buy back program - if you spend over $5,000 on one order they will buy back the equipment at 70% value provided that you return every item in your order.
They can be reached at 614-358-6190 or email at  The full address is 1080 Steelwood Rd. Columbus, OH 43212.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

The majority of online reviews for Rogue Fitness are positive, people are happy with the speedy shipping and the quality of the products.  The company has been experiencing incredible growth rising alongside CrossFit.
As with any large retailer there are some negative reviews and complaints, but overall this company has been a leader in the field and has helped define and innovate leading competitive weightlifting and exercise equipment.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are many new and traditional companies that sell weightlifting rigs and racks.  Some of the more popular competitors include Rage Fitness, EliteFts, and Again Faster Equipment.  You could also look for some local alternatives in your area.

Where to Buy?

You can purchase Rogue Fitness gear direct from their website or at their retail location.  They also have international distributors, check their site for more info.
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