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About Rx Smart Gear
Rx Smart Gear is an online retailer and manufacturer of the popular Rx Jump Ropes.  The company started from, founder, David Newman’s quest to find the perfect jump rope.  Through trial and error he ultimately came up with his own design and a much better understanding of how important customization is to athletes and their equipment.
Initially catering to the rope jumping needs of Crossfitters the company has grown tremendously and now outfit full gyms and offer an extended product line.


The Rx Jump Rope is the featured product and comes in a wide variety of options.  The first step is to correctly size yourself for the proper jump rope.  Over the years the guys at Rx Smart Gear have learned that sizing has a huge impact on performance your equipment should suit your body mechanics.
Use their helpful videos and guidelines to find the right fit for you.  Next you can choose the style of your jump rope, options include solid, graphic, or spiral handles.  The next crucial step is choosing the cable weight, they currently have 5 options and detailed explanations of each on the site.  And finally you get to choose the color of your rope.
Their product line also features apparel such as hats, t-shirts, socks, gear bags, and more.  If you are a gym owner you can check out their comprehensive gym package which features the Rx Custom Rack to properly organize and display your equipment.

Customer Service:

Currently they have an all sales are final policy, but if you do receive incorrect or damaged products they will make arrangements for the return and exchange of items.  If you have any questions or need to contact support you can do so at info@rxsmartgear.com or 619-655-3960.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

The Rx Jump Rope has tons of positive reviews online and is used by many happy crossfitters to improve their skills.  It also has many flattering writeups from Paleo and fitness bloggers.  The only online complaints were regarding the higher price of the product.

Competitors and Alternatives:

It’s hard to find a company that allows for so much customization when it comes to selecting a jump rope.  Other retailers of crossfit equipment and jump ropes include Rogue Fitness, RPM Fitness, and Again Faster.
If you have used an Rx Jump Rope or other Rx Smart Gear products please leave your review below.
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