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About Skulpt Aim

Founder Dr. Seward Rutkove worked with a team of physicists to develop technology to measure muscle health with greater accuracy, which was lacking from other devices on the market at the time. After much research and experiments, they developed the Skulpt Aim, the world’s first device to measure muscle quality and body fat percentage.

How Does it Work:

Most people focus too much on weight alone when it comes to fitness, but weight itself is not a good indicator to measure someone’s level of fitness. Knowing body fat percentage and Muscle Quality (MQ) are the only two metrics needed to get an accurate fitness level.

To measure your body’s MQ and fat percentage with Skulpt Aim, users will need to measure their biceps, triceps, abs and quads. A high MQ score means someone has a lean, strong and fit muscle. For example, a 100 MQ is average. The higher the MQ, the greater your fitness.

Measuring body fat percentage is what separates lean body mass from extra pounds. Skulpt Aim gets a total body reading of fat percentage from all four muscle groups and can also measure fat percentage from individual areas of the body. All of this information can be used to optimize training to achieve the desired fitness goals and track progress with greater accuracy.

Cost and Price Plans:

The Skulpt Aim bundle is $199 and includes the Skulpt Aim, charging cradle, travel pouch and spray water bottle. The cost of shipping is free in the US with there a 45-day money back guarantee and a one year limited warranty.

Customer Service:

You can contact the company by email at and receive product and health updates through their newsletter, blog, Facebook and Twitter.

You can download the Skulpt App for compatible Apple and Android devices. The app can show you progress charts, where your strongest muscles are and instructional videos.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints:

Skulpt Aim has received high praise from reputable media publications including Sports Illustrated, Men’s Fitness and Glamour. Overall, customers online rate the product as excellent or very good.

If there are complaints from customers, most of them relate to technological problems or bugs on the device such as problems syncing on some types of phones or devices, no power indicator to see if it is charging or not and some difficulty navigating the app.

Some people said it took time to use the device properly, but it was very useful once people got the hang of it. They loved being able to accurately monitor their current fitness level and progress.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are a variety of devices that measure different aspects of the body including Hexoskin, Athos Gear and OMsignal, both of which sell smart clothing that gives customers measurements such as heart rate and calories burned.

Where to Buy?

At this time you can buy Skulpt Aim on their website.

If you have used Skulpt Aim, please leave your reviews below.

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6 months of using the SKulpt AIM

Hey. I have been using the SKulpt AIM for 6 months now. I'm a PT/bodybuilder/gym addict, so I've put it to good use!

I like it. Its great for tracking my own and my clients progress without booking for a dexa scan. Plus not everyone likes having their body pinched with calipers. I compared it to a dexa and its pretty accurate. The muscle quality feature is also pretty cool.

I actually have a in depth review on the AIM at my site so that might help answer any questions. Otherwise feel free to pick my brain.

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