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About Slanker Grass-Fed Meat
Slanker Grass-Fed Meat is a family run ranch out of northeast Texas that has been raising 100% grass fed and grass finished cattle long before “grass fed” became a marketing buzzword.  
The ranch was started by Ted Slanker, a pioneering cattleman, who is a leader in ranch management techniques and one of the earliest proponents of modern methods such as rotational grazing.


Their beef is raised on pure grassland and they do not supplement their feed with any grain, foreign feed, hormone implants, or antibiotics.  From birth to slaughter Slanker animals are completely grass fed.  
They do not use any of the so called natural feed additives sticking solely to the animals natural food, grass.  They even go as far as trying to eliminate the need for hay, even though it is nutritionally acceptable, many of their cattle never receive it as opposed to most grass-fed operations that feed hay in the winter.
Slanker Meats also sells grass fed Buffalo, Lamb, Goat, Dairy, wild pig, wild caught seafood, and pet foods.

Customer Service:

If you are ordering online the minimum order must be 20 lbs and at least 100 hundred dollars.  They also offer many bulk ordering discounts and do not charge sales tax on food purchases.
Customer support can be reached at 903-732-4653 and by Email at:  The address is 3255 CR 45400 Powderly, TX 75473.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

For the most part Slanker Meats has positive online reviews, with many people complimenting the great taste of their products and great customer service.  There are some online complaints that claimed some items arrived partially thawed and some people saying they did not like the taste.
It is important to have the right expectations when ordering 100% grassfed meat, you need to understand that it is practically a different animal from conventional meat.  It will be much leaner and you should read up on the cooking/thawing instructions provided on the Slanker website to make sure you make the most of your purchase.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are more and more small to medium sized ranches selling grass fed meats directly to the consumer.  Make sure that you do your research and are not wasting money on false claims, if you are paying more for grass fed make sure that it really is 100% grass fed and not grain finished.
Some other popular meat producers include US Wellness Meats and TX Bar Organics, alternatively you can also look for local providers to save on shipping.
If you have tried Slanker Meats please leave your review below.
2 ‘Slanker Grass-Fed Meat’ Reviews
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Slanker Grass-Fed Meat
Phoenix Arizona
Bison Summer Sausage

My Wife and I have been enjoying Slankers Grass Fed Beef for a couple of years now and have been very satisfied. The Bison summer sausage had been very good and reminded us of the good old days when people took time and did things right concerning food. our last two purchases included extra orders of the Bison Summer sausage because of our friends putting in their orders after tasting them.

My disappointment is that the mixture although seems to have the same great flavor is not consistent with our first orders. The last two orders have been loose and moist after thawing. The previous orders were tight and firm. I would hope that this is not a continued practice like some companies revert to after moving a lot of product. They seem to cut corners at the consumers expense. Remember The customers are the ones that eat your product and will always notice the slightest change in them.

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Good 100% grass fed beef

I buy most of our meat from (Slanker). I have not tried their fish yet; I get fish at Vitalchoice or locally. I trust that when Ted says cows are 100% grass fed, they actually are. Now my products reviews:
I like their beef. It's never gamey. It ain't a corn fed steak, so you have to cook it low temp and best on the rare side. Lots of flavor.
About the high omega 3 meats -
The high omega 3 feed they use does change the traditional flavor of the meat. My wife says the chicken had a "livery" flavor. It kind if does; especially in the dark meat. So we generally buy breasts and wings. I can eat thighs but I don't buy them because my wife doesn't like the flavor.
Now the omega 3 pork...
We have come to the conclusion that we just can't buy it. We mostly wanted plain pork belly for our bacon, but the omega 3 feed makes it taste like spoiled meat. In fact we thought it was spoiled on delivery only to find it comes that way every time. All fat deposits in the omega 3 pork have that horrible spoiled meat taste. I wish I didn't have to report this, but it's true in our opinion. Sometimes we get pork chops that are mostly ok, but then you find that one or two bites that has that awful spoiled meat taste in a fat deposit and it's just not worth eating the rest of it. So we're done with omega 3 pork unless Ted finds an omega 3 feed that works better for flavor. Non-Omega 3 Pork will be a once in awhile treat.
We love their chicken stock. It is the best anywhere. I cannot make a better chicken stock myself no matter what I do. I wish they would use better containers though because the chinese-food style plastic quart containers many times crack and splinter near the lid presumably due to being poured scalding hot, then fast frozen. The plastic shards that result are something we just got used to checking for. We heat the container with tepid water until the frozen stock pops out, then we carefully melt and rinse the top to be sure we're not getting plastic shards in our stock because they are sharp and dangerous.
Fresh turkey was excellent. I cannot recall if the one we bought was an omega 3.
Lastly, the omega 3 eggs taste good but are almost NEVER available, so they're irrelevant. I will continue to buy the products that work for us, but they risk loosing our business if I can find high omega 3 eggs and high omega 3 chicken and pork that tastes better. I don't know if that's possible, but Slanker has not found the magic recipe for pork anyway.

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