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About Spartan Race
The Spartan Race is one of the original and most popular obstacle race series.  The company has grown tremendously and is now a lifestyle brand encompassing a wide range of athletics, diet information, entertainment, and apparel.
Since 2005 Spartan Races have been providing a fun and adventurous outlet for those looking to push themselves athletically.  The company was founded by 8 ultra athletes, but their ultimate goal is to simply get as many people as possible, of all fitness levels, to participate.

The Races:

Unlike other obstacle races, Spartan offers you a wide variety of difficulty levels to chose from.  They consist of:
Spartan Sprint - 3+ miles, 15+ obstacles
Spartan Super - 8+ miles, 20+ obstacles 
Spartan Beast - 12+ miles 25+obstacles
Spartan Ultra Beast - 26+ miles
The obstacles vary based on the difficulty of the race and the location.  The company reuses some staple obstacles but tries to keep things fresh with each race and will not reveal what they are ahead of time, the idea is to challenge you the day of the race.
If you are interested in participating make sure to read the details of your race and know what you’re in for.  There many resources to help you diet and train for the races on


The cost of participating in a Spartan Race ranges anywhere from $45 to $100 depending on how early you sign up.  There are also options to race the course as a team and volunteer opportunities.
There are many perks that volunteers receive including:  Volunteer T-shirt, a Free Race (same day or future race), Snacks and water, Lunch, Parking, and a Free bag check.

Customer Service:

Before trying to reach customer support they ask that you read through their FAQ page first.  There are answers to many common questions and helpful advice.  Keep in mind that while you can transfer your unused registration to another race or to another racer there are no refunds given.
You can contact them through their website or email at, the official address is Spartan HQ - 109 Kingston Ave Boston, MA 02111.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

Overall the reviews for Spartan Race are overwhelmingly positive.  There are some online complaints as well.  Many people felt the $15 spectator fee was excessive and others complained of logistical issues such as distance between water stations.
The company puts on many events per month and some occasional setbacks are to be expected.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are many obstacle races around and you can choose one based on a variety of factors such as: date of event, length of the course, party atmosphere, difficulty level, and so on.  Some popular alternatives include Tough Mudder and Rugged Maniac.
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