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About Spinlister.com
Spinlister.com is a website that uses the new sharing economy to connect people with bikes, surf boards, or snowboards.  This system provides people with much more flexibility than traditional rental options because you can find the exact gear you want.
On the other side Spinlister lets people make extra money from any equipment they have lying around or willing to rent out for some cash.  It’s a win-win situation for both renters and listers; one person gets a great deal and another can now view their sports equipment as a potential source of supplemental income.

How Does it Work?

From the renter side you need to log into the site and create an account.  You then search the area for the specific item you’re looking for.  Next you select the date range that you’ll be renting in and message the owner if you have any questions.  You can rent hourly, for the day or for extended periods. If the dates are acceptable you then negotiate a meeting point.  Return the gear and that’s it.
Make sure to make arrangements for the safekeeping of any gear you rent.  For instance, if the renter does not provide their own bike lock make sure you bring your own.  The renters’ agreement makes you liable for any loss, damage, or theft.  There is also no insurance provided through Spinlister.
As a lister you need to upload pictures and an overview of your gear.  You then field rental requests until you find a match.  You can use the chat feature in Spinlister to communicate with your renter.
You do not get charged for your listing and you are allowed to set your own prices.  Once a transaction is complete you will be charged a 17.5% service charge from the total cost.  Your earnings go into your Spinlister account and you will be be paid, via paypal or check, every 2 weeks if your balance is over $50 otherwise at the end of the month.

Lister Guarantee:

Spinlister is dedicated to making sure that gear listers are protected in cases of theft or property damage.  If the renter is unable to reimburse you Spinlister covers you for up to $10,000 for a bike, surf/SUPs up to $2,000, and snowboards/skis up to $1,000.
Note, if you go outside of Spinlister to complete a cash transaction this will void the guarantee.

Customer Service:

If you have any questions you can contact the company through their website.  They also have lots of helpful advice and answers in their FAQ section.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

Spinlister has been featured in many popular magazines and on many fitness/adventure blogs.  The company has great industry reviews and customer reviews are slowly coming in as well.

Competitors and Alternatives:

It’s possible to find alternative means of renting gear while traveling or demoing new gear.  However Spinlister places everything in one convenient location.
If you have tried Spinlister.com as a renter or lister please leave your review below.
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Bo M.
Los Angeles, CA
I've made a couple bucks, but not consistently

Being a bike geek, I own multiple bikes. I was going to sell one of them last year since it was just sitting around unused.

I'm so glad I didn't sell my Trek 2500 Pro... it was rented so many days last summer that the money earned would have been the same as my selling price, I still own the bike and it keeps making me money.

Although, I have to admit my rentals have been very slow so far this summer. I wish there was more consistency. I don't think the company is marketing itself enough, I can't even find any Yelp reviews for Spinlister in the SoCal area and they are headquartered in Santa Monica.

If you want to rent a bike, then find a lister that's also a collector. You'll know they maintain their bikes like a family heirloom. My bikes all ride exceptionally well and have nice parts. I've listed very nice bikes with quality components. My coasterbrake mtb is not for everyone, but the Cervelo, Merckx and Dean are sweet, check out the photos...https://www.spinlister.com/profile/9934. Give me a shout if you're visiting the Venice Beach/Santa Monica/Culver City area and get a discount. Search the 90066 area code and look for my bikes at intersection of Venice Blvd & Inglewood Blvd. http://spnl.st/s/eb2fdb

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