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About Stay Roasted Coffee
Stay Roasted Coffee is a subscription based service that sends fresh coffee right to your door.  They try to work with a variety of roasters to give their customers a wide range of options for trying the best coffee around.

How Does it Work?

By joining the service you will have access to over 40 craft coffee roasters allowing you to choose your coffee by region, type, and roast.
You also will have complete control of your account allowing you to manage and customize your coffee subscription whenever and how often you like.  You can change the frequency of your order, the amount, and which coffees you are receiving.
Your delivery will include 12oz coffee bags from the roasters at the top of your lineup. Based on your choices you will get an in-season selection of either Single Origin, Blend, Decaf and roast Level.


Stay Roasted is offering some promotions for first time customers which include:
Free 12oz bag of freshly roasted coffee
Extra 15% off your first delivery
Pay only $3.97 shipping!
 With free shipping:
1 bag will cost $21.00
2 bags $37.00
3 bags $51.00
With this payment model the more you buy the cheaper you per bag cost will be.

Customer Service:

If you have additional questions about the coffee or the service you can reach someone at or check out their helpful FAQ page for more info.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

Unfortunately this is relatively new service with not much available online feedback.  Stay Roasted has been featured in many online publications as a noted deliverer of gourmet Coffees and they do have positive feedback both on their facebook page and website.
If you’re curious about their service you can try them out with a one time order and receive all the new customer savings offers.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are many companies offering mail order coffee, from big brands down to single batch craft roasters.  This is a highly competitive market and if you know what you want you can find exactly what you’re looking for.  Some other companies offering healthy gourmet coffee include: Wild Foods Co, Laird Superfoods, Caveman Coffee, and Coffee Blocks.

Where to Buy?

You can sign up for a subscription directly from and start sampling some of the finest coffee avaialbe.
If you have tried their service please leave a detailed review below and let people know what you think of their products and delivery service.
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