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About Steve’s PaleoGoods
Steve’s PaleoGoods is a perfect example of what happens when passion meets business.  Steve Liberati began selling his PaleoKits, healthy mixes of jerky, nuts, and berries, online as a way to raise extra money for his non-profit athletic organization.  These snack packs were a huge hit with CrossFiters and Paleo dieters, and the company took off.
They now offer a range of products including: PaleoKits- various combinations of meat, nuts and berries, PaleoKrunch – a seed and nut based cereal substitute, PaleoStix – a paleo version of a Slim Jim, and PaleoChef – a line of dressings, sauces and marinades.
Steve’s PaleoGoods are made from GrassFed Meats, are Gluten free, and contain no preservatives.  The Products have a shelf life of 6 months but for optimal freshness should be consumed within 3 months.
15% of all proceeds go to support Steve’s Club, the athletic club for at risk youths that inspired the company.  There is also a 10% discount for Military discount.  The products are also sold in select Whole Foods Market locations; check to see if there is a store near you.
Overall Steve’s PaleoGoods is a great member of the Paleo foods community and have received tremendous support from leading Bloggers, coaches, and nutrition advocates.  Many Paleo cooks have began posting various recipes incorporated their products.
While the Paleo Diet does advocate eating fresh homemade meals when you need an on the go snack substitute that meets your dietary requirements and is ethically made you can’t go wrong with these guys.
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