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Coffee Blocks
Coffee Blocks are revolutionary new products that combine the benefits of healthy fats with your morning coffee.  Inspired by
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Caveman Coffee
Caveman Coffee, founded by Tait Fletcher, Keith Jardine and Lacie Mackey, is a premier Paleo coffee provider.  They focus on d
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Kahveology is a coffee company out of Portland, Oregon that aims to supply high quality coffee to athletes and adventurers.  A
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Choffy is a brewed chocolate made from 100% premium cocoa beans that are roasted and ground to create a rich drink. Unlike coffee,
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Teeccino Herbal Coffee
Teeccino Herbal Coffee is dedicated to making finest herbal beverages in the world with their caffeine-free herbal teas and coffees
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Klio Greek Mountain Tea
Klio Greek Mountain Tea is a natural herbal tea that has been consumed for thousands of years and has a plethora of purported healt
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Four Sigmatic
Four Sigmatic was founded by a small group of people who left their corporate jobs to fulfill their mission of incorporating superf
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Lucy’s Bru - The Alternative Daily Coffee
The cofounder of online health and fitness website The Alternative Daily has used his knowledge of nutrition to create a better cof
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Okuma Nutritionals WuLong Slimming Tea
Okuma Nutritionals are one of the original distributors of WuLong Slimming Tea.  This rarer form of Oolong Tea has gained popu
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Wild Foods Co
Wild Foods Co is a health based online retailer inspired by the Paleo diet.  They create high quality foods and supplements to
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Laird Superfood
Laird Superfood is the creation of renowned big wave surfer and adventure athlete Laird Hamilton.  Throughout his career he ha
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Coffee Flour
Coffee Flour converts the surrounding fruit of coffee beans into nutrient-dense coffee flour. The company has created a business mo
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Stay Roasted Coffee
Stay Roasted Coffee is a subscription based service that sends fresh coffee right to your door.  They try to work with a varie
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Kombucha Kamp
Kombucha products have been very popular in the last few years. Everyone knows kombucha is considered “healthy”. But mo
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Organic Living Superfoods
Organic living superfoods is a company that distributes and manufactures organic plant based superfoods. The company was founded in
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It Works Keto Coffee
It Works, a popular multi-level marketing company, has recently released their version of a keto coffee or what’s come to be
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FatCoffee by Ninja Goat Nutritionals
FatCoffee from Ninja Goat Nutritionals is the latest addition to a growing number of products trying to make butter coffee more con
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Pique Tea Crystals
Would you consider tea to be a superfood? While many people enjoy a relaxing cup of tea, few are aware of just how beneficial tea c
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Rapidfire Ketogenic Coffee
Rapid Fire is one of the few companies out there that recognize the healthy benefits of the ketogenic lifestyle, while appreciating
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