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Nick’s Sticks
Nick’s Sticks are the product of founder and farmer Nick Wallace.  Based in Keystone, Iowa Wallace Farms raises grass-fe
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The New Primal
The New Primal provides gluten-free, antibiotic-free, 100% grass-fed beef jerky and turkey jerky. The creation of the products bega
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SlantShack Jerky
SlantShack Jerky offers beef jerky made from 100% grass-fed cattle that are raised humanely by a network of small family farms. The
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OSTRIM Beef and Ostrim Meat Sticks were the first line of foods produced by Protos Foods Inc. and designed for people who were seri
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Shurky Jerky
Shurky Jurky compiles dry meat snacks from beef, pork, turkey and bison that are 100% grass-fed, pastured and free range in Portlan
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Jerky Snob
Jerky Snob sends monthly shipments of high quality jerky made by independent and small batch producers. The company began out of th
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Chomps Snack Sticks
Chomps Snack Sticks were created by Pete Maldonado as a healthy alternative to traditional jerky and meat snacks.  His version
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Caveman Foods
Caveman Foods was created after the founder, Chris Running, experienced remarkable weight loss and health benefits from the Paleo d
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Wild Zora
Wild Zora snack bars are a healthy alternative to traditional jerky and energy bars.  The company believes in the ancestral he
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Brooklyn Biltong
Brooklyn Biltong is slowly bringing a taste of South Africa to the US with their carefully crafted snacks. The passionate owners ar
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Organic Prairie Mighty Beef Jerky
Had the Peppered flavor, spice level was really nice but the meat itself was incredibly hard and difficult to chew, tasted very dried
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Country Archer Jerky Co
Country Archer Jerky Co. makes jerky gourmet - or at least, as close to gourmet as jerky gets. The smokehouse was established in Sa
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