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Chris Kresser
Chris Kresser is a well known author, Paleo practitioner, and one of the strongest proponents of the Paleo movement.  He is al
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JassaFit is the combined Paleo Health and fitness project of Sarah Fragoso and Jason Seib. Most people come across Sarah’s or
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Grokker.com is a premium online video hub where you can get your exercise and cooking fix.  Founded by Lorna Borenstein the se
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GAIAM TV, The Transformation Network, is a source of original programing on variety of topics that relate to health, yoga, and spir
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Go Paleo - The American Paleo Association
The American Paleo Association is the world’s largest organization composed of physicians, dietitians and crossfit professionals. Th
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Eat to Perform
Eat to Perform (ETP) is a coaching program that helps active people build their muscles while losing weight. The company has become
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Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Diet
Dr. Kellyann is a naturopathic physician, weight-loss specialist, and anti-aging natural transformation expert who has helped thous
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Primal Blueprint Expert Certification
The Primal Blueprint Expert Certification program is the very first ancestral health online certification program that you can stud
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Dr. Josh Axe
Dr. Axe's website, www.DrAxe.com, is one of the top 10 most visited natural health websites in the world with over 4,000,000 mo
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Primal Sleep System
The Primal Sleep System was developed by David Sinick and the program consists of listening to audio technology that enables your b
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Primal Beauty Secrets
 Neely Quinn is a certified Integrative Clinical Nutrition Therapist that has created a comprehensive guide about the natural
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Purely Primal Skincare
The Purely Primal Skincare Guide is a comprehensive tutorial on how to improve the quality of your skin from the inside out.  
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Paleo fx
Paleo f(x) is an annual conference where some of the leading experts, in all facets, of the Paleo lifestyle  gather to present
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The Sitting Solution
The Sitting Solution is a comprehensive program created to battle the dangerous effects of chronic sitting.  Created by Chad a
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Ben Greenfield Fitness Systems
Ben Greenfield’s mission is to show you how to get your body performing at peak capacity in the safest and fastest way possib
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Unlock your Hip Flexors
Sports Nutritionist Mike Westerdal and Kinesiologist and Injury Specialist Rick Kaseli created the Unlock your Hip Flexors program
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Sane Solution
SANE Solution provides online tools, resources, coaching, and support to help people eat more, eat smarter, and eat as easily as po
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Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld’s Nutrition and Healing
The website NutritionandHealing.com promotes Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld’s Nutrition & Healing newsletter and free book, &ldquo
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The Paleo Family Toolkit
The Paleo Family Toolkit is the creation of Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, also known for her popular blog the Paleo Mom.  For years sh
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Natural Healing Encyclopedia
Dr. Mark Stengler is one of America's leading naturopathic doctors who is passionate about reclaiming vibrant health without re
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