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Caveman Foods
Caveman Foods was created after the founder, Chris Running, experienced remarkable weight loss and health benefits from the Paleo d
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Halo Top Ice Cream
Halo Top makes healthy ice cream that is low in calories, high in protein, low in sugar, and uses all natural ingredients that tast
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Buff Bake
Ashley and Brittany Boeckle created Buff Bake, a company that produces protein nut butters and protein cookies made with high quali
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Natural Sins
Natural Sins is a small company operating out of Costa Rica with an aim to improve the quality of people’s snacks.  Thei
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Brooklyn Biltong
Brooklyn Biltong is slowly bringing a taste of South Africa to the US with their carefully crafted snacks. The passionate owners ar
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Wildway is a company that makes grain free instant hot cereal and granola. Wildway was created by a married couple who wanted to le
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Bear Naked Custom Granola
Bear Naked is a company that makes granola. The team at Bear Naked wanted to make granola that was customizable and 100% Non-GMO Pr
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Rebel Creamery
One of the hardest things about adopting a healthier diet is the thought of having to say goodbye forever to your favorite treats &
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That’s It Bars
There’s something so appealing and convenient about snack bars, and there are huge variety of brands on the market. Whether y
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Leopard Spotted Hippo
In case the name didn’t make it clear, Leopard Spotted Hippo wants to stand out from the crowd. Founded by the creators of Ke
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Country Archer Jerky Co
Country Archer Jerky Co. makes jerky gourmet - or at least, as close to gourmet as jerky gets. The smokehouse was established in Sa
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powbab Superfruit Chews
Our family really likes the powbab baobab chews. Taking one of these is like having a treat - they are not too sweet but are a fruity
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