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EPIC Bars have been in the market for a short time but have gained popularity predominately amongst consumers who are following new
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Exo Enegry Bar
Exo.co has introduced a new energy bar made with cricket powder, an excellent source of protein. While eating them whole is not the
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RxBar is an all natural energy/protein bar, made by the Chicago based company.  The bars are Paleo and made with only real foo
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Dale's Raw Foods
Dale's Raw Foods, founded by Dale Buchanan, is a Florida based raw foods producer.  They specialize in creating raw protei
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Well Food Company
The Well Food Company provides a wide range of Paleo snacks, bars, and protein powders.  Started by former NFL player John Wel
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Tanka Bar
American Natural Foods, LLC, is focused on creating a family of nationally branded buffalo-based food products that are delicious a
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Nogii Bars
NoGii products sell gluten-free snacks for people who live active lifestyles. The company was created by celebrity talk show host E
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Bricks Bars
Bricks Bars produces protein turkey and beef bars that are Paleo-friendly. The name Bricks was chosen because a healthy lifestyle i
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ZEGO Snacks has produced a one of a kind energy bar that boasts one of the cleanest ingredient profiles on the market.  Their
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Primal Kitchen's Dark Chocolate Almond Bars
Mark Sisson is the author of the #1 best-selling health book The Primal Blueprint on Amazon and the founder of Primal Nutrition, a
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Thunderbird Real Food Bars
Thunderbird Real Food Bars were created and are still made in Austin, TX.  The company strives to make the best energy bars us
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Caveman Foods
Caveman Foods was created after the founder, Chris Running, experienced remarkable weight loss and health benefits from the Paleo d
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Wild Zora
Wild Zora snack bars are a healthy alternative to traditional jerky and energy bars.  The company believes in the ancestral he
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Coast Cricket Protein Bars
Coast Protein is a small startup with big goals, the founder wants cricket protein to become a mainstream staple of the Canadian di
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NatureBite Energy Bars
NatureBite Energy Bars are a new health product developed by Greenfield Fitness Systems.  The company owned by Ben Greenfield
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That’s It Bars
There’s something so appealing and convenient about snack bars, and there are huge variety of brands on the market. Whether y
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