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About Tangram Smart Rope
Tangram created Smart Rope, an LED-embedded jump rope that displays your fitness data as you work out. It is designed to enhance your cardio experience. This rope is a winner of four major international design awards including Design Award 2016 and Good Design Award 2015.

How it Works:

Jumping rope is a vigorous exercise that works all of the muscles in the body as opposed to walking. This exercise makes use of your arms, your core stabilizer muscles, and all of the leg muscles while increasing your heart rate. 
The Smart Rope has a 45-degree rope housing and two sets of ball bearings to enable you to have a natural motion with the lightweight rope. When you turn on the rope, it shows your jump count, calories burned, interval training data, and other relevant information. The 23 LED lights on the rope show your fitness data clearly, even in bright rooms. 
The Smart Rope stores up to 100 sets of workout data and you can sync them all once you pair the rope with the Smart Gym mobile app on your Apple or Android phone. 
Once you are connected to the Smart Gym app, you can use different motivational features. You can, for instance, do the interval training feature and jump smarter based on your fitness goals, which allows you to see your improvements over time. You can also challenge your friends to daily competitions or see how you rank among users around the world. 
Smart Rope’s latest technology tracks jumps accurately, whether you do double unders or cross over jumps. The magnetic sensors attached to the ball bearings track full revolutions, which is more accurate than a wrist tracker or motion sensor. The transparent and sweat-resistant handles, which come in five colors, allow people to look at all of the advanced techology inside. 
Charging the Smart Rope for two hours will allow you to work out for a month and a half with 45 hours of active use. The rope can be adjusted to your height and preferred jump stance.


The smart rope costs $79.99.

Customer Service:

Contact Tangram at info@tangramfactory.com and follow updates on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

There are mixed reviews from customers about Smart Rope. Some customers find the rope comfortable and like the motivational features of being able to keep track the number of jumps on the app and comparing counts with people around the world. They also find the technology fun to use and works as advertised. 
Some customers said said it was hard to hold the handles at the right orientation to be able to see the numbers and that the light feature worked best in dark environments, which is limiting for people who work out more in the daytime with strong indoor lighting. One customer said that even though the rope is adjustable, it was still too short for his height to jump comfortably.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are not too many other competitors selling smart ropes, but there are others on the market including LED Smart Jump Rope and Sophia, other high quality ropes are avaialable from Rogue Fitness and RX Smart Gear.

Where to Buy?

You can buy Smart Rope on Tangram’s website (http://store.tangramfactory.com/products/smart-rope-1) or on Amazon.
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