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About That’s It Bars
There’s something so appealing and convenient about snack bars, and there are huge variety of brands on the market. Whether you throw one in your bag to forestall the mid-afternoon crash, or pack them in a lunch box for your kids to take to school, you want a tasty and portable snack but you also want something nutritious.
Unfortunately, the majority of bars, even those marketed as “healthy” contain added sugar and highly processed ingredients. This is where That’s It bars are different. That’s It snacks are made from raw, natural, non GMO fruits and vegetables and nothing else! With no added ingredients, you know you are getting fruit or veggies and that’s it!


That’s It offers a range of snacks made from nothing but raw, non-GMO fruits and veggies. Their fruit bars contain two servings of fruit and only 100 calories per bar.
Fruit bars are available in flavour combinations such as Apple and Blueberry, Apple and Strawberry, Apple and Mango, Apple and Cherries, Apple and Pineapple, Apple and Apricots, Apple and Pear, Apple and Banana, and Apple and Coconut.
If you prefer your fruity sweetness with a little edge to it, That’s It offers Zesty Bars, made with raw fruit and spices. Try Apple and Cinnamon, Apple Pear and Ginger, or Apple Mango and Chili!
For a savory snack on the go, That’s It veggie bars are perfect. Options like Beans and Kale, Beans and Peas, Beans and Carrots, and Beans and Corn all include a full serving of vegetables, 4 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber, less than 100 calories, and only 5 ingredients: black beans, organic tapioca, sea salt, vegetable glycerine, and either kale, peas, carrots, or corn. 
For a delicious snack that will satisfy your chocolate cravings, try That’s It Bites, a range of truffles made from nothing but organic, Fair Trade dark chocolate and all natural fruit. Available in all the same flavors as That’s It Fruit Bars, these Bites are a great alternative to sweets and desserts full of added sugar and artificial flavorings and contain only 150 calories per serving.

How Does It Work?

That’s It begins by sourcing fresh, non GMO fruits and veggies and processing them using their own proprietary process which stabilizes the ingredients for 2 years. This allows them to make snacks with no preservatives, concentrates, purees, additives, or added sugar. That’s It products are full of vitamins and minerals, high in fibre, low GI, gluten free, low in calories, and vegan friendly!
The shelf life of their products is verified by an independent lab, and their products are certified non-GMO, kosher, and all natural by third party boards.
That’s It Fruit Bars and Zesty Bars are also certified Paleo and Whole30 compliant. That’s It Veggie bars contain legumes and are therefore not paleo compliant.

Cost and Price Plans

That’s It Bars are available for purchase from their website in packs of 12 or 144 bars. A 12 bar box of That’s It Fruit Bars, Zesty Bars, or Veggie Bars in any flavour costs $18.99, and a 144 bar box costs $199.99. Selected flavors of That’s It Fruit Bars are also available in packs of 5 bars for $8.99.
That’s It also offers a Starter Pack with 6 bars of assorted fruit and veggie flavors for $9.99 so you can try a variety and chose your favorite! For those who follow a Paleo diet, there are two combinations of Paleo-friendly flavors in the Paleo boxes, priced at $59.99 for 36 bars. If you love these bars and want to really stock up, the Master Pack contains 144 bars of mixed flavors, also priced at $199.99.
Truffles are available in boxes of 6 single-serve pouches for $13.99 or 48 pouches for $99.99.

Customer Service:

That’s It offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Their customer service team can be reached from 9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday at 888 862 5235.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

That’s It products have received high ratings from customers, both on their own website and on Amazon. Customers love how nutritious, healthy, and high-quality the bars are, and while some are surprised by the texture (not as dense as expected) there are no complaints about the taste! Reviews often acknowledge the price tag but point out that “you get what you pay for” and the majority of customers seem to feel that the product is this case is worth the cost.

Competitors and Alternatives:

As becomes abundantly clear from a trip to the supermarket, there are many competing brands offering “healthy” snacks and bars. Many of these products are grain based granola bars, or highly processed protein bars, but there are other brands offering fruit or fruit and veggie bars.
Some of the competitors include Pressed Bars by KIND and Larabars, however both of these brands contain added ingredients in addition to fruit. Likely the most similar product to That’s It Bars are SunRype FruitSource and Fruit to Go bars, but unlike That’s It Bars these products are made from concentrates and purees rather than raw fruit.

Where to Buy?

That’s It Bars are available to order online from,, and many other health food providers, and are also stocked nationwide at many retailers, including CVS, Whole Foods, Target, and Kroger.
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Pretty Tasty

They're really what they advertise - just a bunch of dried fruit smashed together. The texture is good and the taste is good, but I wouldn't say that you get much of an energy boost. A great snack, but won't fill you up. Also makes my teeth kind of hurt because they're so sugary. That's it!

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