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The Half Day Diet Plan
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About The Half Day Diet Plan
Nate Miyaki is a successful fitness author and fat loss expert.  With his latest book, “The Half Day Diet” he focuses on carb management and his food strategy that lets you still enjoy carbs while shedding pounds.
With his strategies you can get the benefits of a low carb diet while only eliminating carbs from part of your day.
There has been lots of controversy about the low carb diets especially when it comes to athletics.  Some have stated that the Paleo diet and other low carb diets work great for sedentary or diabetic people, but when it comes to high performance athletes it falls short.
They go so far as to point out that none of the crossfit competition winners are low carb.  While you can’t deny that eliminating carbs, especially refined sugars and grains, can have incredible health benefits, some people are looking for a different strategy.

 The Half Day Diet:

The problem with low carb diets is the extra stress and burden it puts on people with many unable to stick to the strict regimen often times resulting in counterproductive binges.
Nate Miyaki believes that healthy serving of carbs at night is the trick to managing cravings, eating less, and ultimately losing weight.  He claims that your standard low carb diet:
  • Slows your metabolism
  • Messes with your hormones
  • Destroys your sex drive
  • Leads to weight gain.
  • Lowers your fat-burning thyroid hormone if you are a woman
  • Hurts your immune system
  • Causes brain fog
  • Ruins your sleep
  • Decrease energy
The Half Day Diet Protocol focuses on 3 things:
Macro- Optimization- this deals with choosing the right template for your body to appropriately manage your intake of protein, fats, and carbs.
Customization - The program will help you create a unique system that's right for you since everything can be tweaked based on your needs and results.
Evolution - This step ensures that as you begin to see results your diet will adapt to your new needs and allow you to adjust to new goals.
This is a simple construct that could have huge benefits if you have struggled with weight loss in the past.


The Half Diet Plan sells for $19.00.  It also includes the following bonuses:
Restaurant & Fast Food Survival Guide
The Happy Hour Handbook
Vegetarian Diet Ebook
The Holiday Fat Loss Manual
The Flat Belly Platinum Club trial

Customer Service:

The Half Day Diet Plan comes with a no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee if you are not happy for any reason simply contact Clickbank and get a full refund.  If you have any questions you can reach someone at

Online Reviews/Complaints:

Most of the online reviews for Half Day Diet Plan are from affiliates reselling the product so it’s hard to get a good idea about the actual benefits and results real people have had with the program.
However Nate Miyaki’s featured books on Amazon have all had very positive reviews so based on that and the solid money back guarantee there’s no harm in checking out this program.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are tons of weight loss and fitness gurus advertising their programs and it can be quite overwhelming.  It helps to have an idea of what you are looking for when getting started, some other fitness experts include, Danette May, Abel James, and Ben Greenfield.

Where to Buy?

You can order directly from Nate’s website at  If you have tried the program please leave your reviews and comments below.
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