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The Paleo Family Toolkit
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About The Paleo Family Toolkit
The Paleo Family Toolkit is the creation of Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, also known for her popular blog the Paleo Mom.  For years she has been providing top quality information, research, and Paleo recipes on her blog.  She has also authored several popular books and is part of a successful and syndicated podcast.
Throughout her posts she uses her background in scientific research to breakdown the hows and whys of nutrition and health.  Thus she is able to inform and educate her audience simultaneously.

What’s Inside the Paleo Family Toolkit?

This is a collection of digital resources personally hand picked by Sarah to offer people the most comprehensive Paleo library.  The information is focused on getting the whole family aboard the Paleo lifestyle and how to make it work without adding stress to your life.
You will get:
  • 40+ E-Books
  • 10+ Videos
  • 50+ Coupons
  • Instant Digital Access
  • Memory Stick
These resources include information from some of the most popular thought leaders in the Paleo community such as: Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, Danielle Walker, Liz Wolfe,the Paleo Parents, and Sarah Fragoso.
This collection will provide you with the information to make Paleo practical, efficient, economical and most importantly enjoyable.
Various cookbooks will help you plan excellent meals and tailor to the individual needs of your family. The video interviews with 12 family-centered experts will help you prepare for everything from pregnancy to college.
There is also plenty of new information in this package with 18 of the e-books being brand-new and either exclusive to the toolkit or launching with it.  Additional resources include Yoga Videos, Skin Care guides, Meditation Info, Stress Solutions, Workout guides and more.

Exclusive Discounts and Coupon Codes to Some Paleo Favorites:

This is a sample list of the discounts found in the Paleo Family Toolkit
Coffee Blocks 15% off
EPIC 20% off
EXO 15% off
Fatco 15% off
Kasandrinos 20% off
Mother Dirt 20% off

Customer Service:

The Paleo Family Toolkit is an entirely digital product, and compatible with your computer, tablet and smartphone!  Your purchase will also come with a USB memory backup stick pre-loaded with the entire toolkit.
If you have further questions you can contact someone through Sarah’s blog at


The Paleo Family Toolkit costs $49.

Where to Buy?

The package is only available for a limited time from May 4-9, you can sign up early to receive instant access to a 45-minute webinar called “Nutrient Density for Everyday Wellness” as well as “Paleo Quick-Start Guide” e-book.
If you enjoy the product come back and leave a review below.
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