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About The Performance Paleo Cookbook
The Performance Paleo Cookbook is a new release that focuses on getting athletes the proper nutrition they need to excel at their chosen sports. The author, Stephanie Gaudreau, is the founder of popular food blog Stupid Easy Paleo and is a certified holistic nutritionist, triathlete, and avid mountain biker.
One of the major criticisms of the Paleo diet is that it caters more to those looking to lose weight rather than high performing athletes.  It has even been pointed out that only a few of the top contenders at the Crossfit Games follow a strict Paleo diet.  With her recipes Stephanie aims to close that gap and show how serious competitors can thrive while eating delicious Paleo recipes.

What’s Inside?

The book splits up recipes based on your workout and covers everything from pre-workout snacks to post workout recovery meals.  She believes that it's possible to not only perform well but to thrive as a Paleo athlete, it's just a matter of making modifications to the standard Paleo diet.
There is more to performance paleo than just increasing your carbs and eating more sweet potatoes.  Stephanie teaches you the importance of nutrient timing and how to use it to better fuel your workouts and shorten recovery times.
These meal plans work well with anyone who’s into CrossFit, kettlebell training, Olympic weightlifting, sprinting, or endurance training. All together you will get 7 fueling plans, 100+ Recipes, 50 different meal combinations and nutrition/macronutrient stats on every recipe.

Are the Recipes 100% Paleo?

While the book focuses on real whole foods there are some inclusions that are not Paleo by the strictest standards.  Some recipes make allowances for added salt, full-fat dairy, whey protein, white potatoes and white rice. Her contention is that if your body can tolerate these foods then leaving them off the table would be a hinderance to your performance.  However the majority of recipes still focus on grass-fed meats and plenty of veggies.
Some highlights include: Mocha-Rubbed Slow Cooker Pot Roast, Honey Garlic Lemon Chicken Wings, Baked Cinnamon Carrots, Savory Salt & Vinegar Coconut Chips and Banana Fudgesicles.

Customer Service:

If you have any questions for Stephanie about her cookbook she can be reached through the Stupid Easy Paleo website or facebook group.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

Athletes and foodies alike have given praise to Stephanie's approach to cooking and training.  There are many great reviews for this cookbook from food bloggers, home cooks, and athletes.

Competitors and Alternatives:

Not many cookbooks focus on the athlete’s needs and you’d have to dig around for training focused paleo meal plans. Some other popular Paleo cookbooks include: Nom Nom Paleo, The Primal Blueprint, and Paleo Leap.

Where to Buy the The Performance Paleo Cookbook?

The book is available for order from the following retailers Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Google Play and IndieBound.
If you have the Cookbook or have made some of the previewed recipes in it please leave your reviews below.
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